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NCSU to Host 23nd Annual Dog Olympics Sept. 13

The aim of the event is to celebrate the human-animal bond and raise money for local animal rescue groups.

Silliest Client Behavior Contest

Sometimes clients make silly mistakes that don't always end well for the pets. Dr. Phil Zeltzman shares his stories.

Michigan State University Co-Hosts 10th Annual Marek’s Disease Symposium

MSU and the USDA’s Avian Disease and Oncology Laboratory recently co-hosted a symposium on Marek’s disease and avian herpesvirus.

Too Many Veterinarians, or a Bubble Market?

How can a scientifically trained profession keep ignoring the facts of too many graduates chasing too few jobs with an ever increasing debt burden?

Former Head of ASPCA Takes Over at PIJAC

The pet industry reacts over the controversial decision to hire former ASPCA executive Edwin J. Sayres as president and CEO of the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council.

K-State Offers New Course on Regulation of Animal Drugs, Vaccines

The course begins this fall and is available through distance learning or on the K-State Olathe campus.

Banfield Predicts Business as Usual if PetSmart Is Sold

Veterinary clients would not see any meaningful change if PetSmart, the home to many Banfield clinics, changes hands.

First Veterinary Classes Underway at Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial marks the opening of its new veterinary college with a white coat ceremony.

Study Offers Surprising Look at True Health of Cats

Tests and pet owner input show that many cats may not be as healthy as they appear.

OSU Vet Faculty Member Receives Grant to Help Fight Cancer

The long-term goal of NIH’s funded research is to optimize and provide uniform intratumoral delivery of antitumor drugs with real-time control.

Sleepypod Dog Harness Earns Top Rating From Safety Group

The new Clickit Sport was evaluated under the Center for Pet Safety’s Harness Certification Program.

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10 Steps to Protect a Big Investment

Surgical instruments are expensive. Here's a 10-step process to becoming a perfect instrument caretaker.

Embrace the World of Veterinary Apps

Apps can change how you do business, and can help build your relationship with your client.

Veterinary Practice New's 2014 X-Ray Contest Winners

Animals will eat just about anything. The proof is in the radiographs.

How One Practice Survived a Surprise OSHA Inspection

It could happen to your clinic, but don't panic. While stressful, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration inspection can be constructive, too.

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8 Way Joint Formula Granules

Kaeco Group Inc. says its 8 Way Joint Formula Granules are a balanced joint supplement designed to support healthy connective tissue, joint structure and maintain joint function and mobility in horses.

Drill-Aire Mini/Drill-Aire Mini Plus

Engler Engineering Corp. has introduced two new high-speed dental units, The Drill-Aire Mini and the Drill-Aire Mini Plus.

Patterson IntraVet 4

IntraVet 4.5 has been re-engineered and utilizes Microsoft development languages and SQL database technology.

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