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Veterinary managers receive credential program scholarship

Support veterinary clients’ supplemental endeavors

The clinician-client partnership is vital when pet owners wish to help their pets achieve optimum health with supplements.

AVMA Future Leaders develop positive work environment resources, tools

"CPR to Revive Your Veterinary Team" aims to help create a healthy veterinary workplace culture.

Vet2Pet releases breed-specific, custom list notifications for vet practice app

AVMA hits four big veterinary medicine topics in HOD forum

AVMA calls for abstracts for 2018 convention in Denver

Will thermal imaging gain greater traction in veterinary practice?

Vets First Choice secures funding, acquires two pharmacy companies

Texas Tech to enter consultant phase in veterinary school quest

A chronic shortage of large animal veterinarians is an oft-repeated mantra as to why Texas needs a second pipeline for veterinarians, especially large animal practitioners.

Children’s book series aims to combat rural veterinarian shortage

New author hopes her books will spark kids' interest in one day caring for large animals—and help turn the rural vet tide.

USDA grants Zoetis Vanguard crLyme vaccine for dogs a 15-month DOI claim

The multivalent recombinant vaccine aids in preventing disease and arthritis associated with the agent that causes Lyme disease in dogs.
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10 reasons veterinary clients are afraid to say “yes”

Clients are afraid of being sold. You must make something emotional happen within them to get you a fully supported “yes.”

Why standing tall in the veterinary profession safeguards you against vulnerability

For Marty Becker, DVM, and tens of thousands of veterinary healthcare professionals, embracing Fear Free has moved us to a high outcropping of solid rock, away from the sinking sand of things that tug at our hearts and purse strings.

National organization launches to support women veterinary practice owners

Veterinary-centric finance company Calico is backing a new organization, Practice Ownership for Women (POW), to join veterinary students, practicing veterinarians, and practice owners to share knowledge, experience, and support, according to founders Courtney Post and MacKenzie Martin.

AVMA surveys base to boost practice performance

The association aims to provide members with practice performance data that will help them make better business decisions.

The Trends to Watch for in the Veterinary World

Big data, wearable tech and stem cell therapy loom large in the veterinary industry’s near future.

Got Millennials? Why They're Great in the Vet Practice

Why Gen-Xers like me and baby boomers like you should embrace Generation Me.
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