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A Look at Veterinary Patient Warming Systems

As animal surgical procedures become longer and more complex, the industry is rising to meet the demand for the next generation of patient warming systems.

Vets Say Why they Use Laser Therapy

Veterinarians weigh in on why they offer laser therapy and how they use it.

Merck Releases 12-Week Flea, Tick Medicine

Bravecto (fluralaner) tablets for dogs kill fleas and multiple tick species for 12 weeks in a single dose.

How To Perform A Thorough Oral Examination

Find out how to exam a dog with oral bleeding from a tongue laceration.

The Anesthetized Intraoral Examination

A comprehensive oral examination requires anesthesia to obtain a complete assessment of oral health and disease.

Chinese Herbs: Selling Strychnine

Perhaps we are heading to a future where Chinese and American manufacturing standards become one and the same.

The Highs and Lows of Medical Marijuana for Dogs

It’s time for veterinarians to promote proper use and client education.

Strategically Timed Heartworm Prevention is Risky

Do you recommend heartworm prevention products all year?

How To: Anesthesia Pt. 1

AHHA's anesthesia guidelines for dogs and cats sterilization surgery.

How To: Anesthesia Pt. 2

Look through more of AHHA's anesthesia guidelines for dogs and cats sterilization surgery.

VIDEO: Abdominal Ultrasound

Watch as Jeffrey Cohen, DVM, of The Newport Beach Veterinary Hospital performs an abdominal ultrasound on a canine patient.

Cruciates: Less Cutting, More Self-Repair

The time has come for a methodical, evidence-informed alternative to the rush-to-surgery mentality.

Sleep Well, Hurt Less

Patients’ comfort, healing and wellness needs are coming to the forefront.

Music as medicine: It doesn’t have to be Mozart

A 2013 Cochrane review determined that music interventions may provide a viable alternative to sedatives and anti-anxiety drugs for reducing preoperative anxiety.

Three Techniques to Treat Toe Fractures

Incomplete or complete fractures can be treated with external coaptation.

Surgical Insights: How to make a soaker catheter in 6 easy steps

Also called a wound or diffusion catheter, a soaker catheter is a cheap, easy and effective tool to improve patient comfort.

Staffs Embrace Laser Therapy

Veterinary staffs are leaning toward therapeutic lasers for a variety of purposes.

Anesthesia-Free Dentistry Provides False Sense Of Security

Find out 5 reasons anesthesia-free dentistry is not a good idea for your pet patients.

AAHA Dental Anesthesia Mandate Comes Under Fire

The new mandate of requiring anesthesia by the the AAHA has come to meet opposition.

Acupuncturists See The Light, Go High Tech

See why laser acupuncture has many advantages over traditional needling with your pet patients.

The Scientific Basis Of Acupuncture Pathways

Stimulation of a nerve with an acupuncture needle activates that nerve, inducing changes consistent with its motor, sensory or autonomic nature.


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