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One Vet's View of this Year's Conferences

Fear and loathing in Las Vegas, Orlando ... and anywhere else veterinarians convene.

The 7 Top Challenges Facing Veterinary Medicine in 2017

From reduced private independence to the lack of inclusivity, the veterinary profession faces some tough challenges going forward.

10 Promises and Predictions for 2017 for Veterinarians

What's on your list this year?

Why Vets Need to Raise Our Voices

It's time to recapture the term "veterinarian recommended."

Open Letters to Recent Grads and Rising Vet Clinicians

"No matter what they tell you before or after you leave school, your value as a veterinarian is not equivalent to the sum total of clinical skills you bring to the table."

Viewpoint: JAVMA Editor Disparaged COE Critics

More commentary on "An Open Letter to the Veterinary Community About COE Standards."

When Veterinarians Make Mistakes

"They don’t call medicine 'a practice' for nothing."

Why is Veterinary Nutrition Different?

One veterinarian asks why the American College of Veterinary Nutrition (ACVN) is a closed association. The ACVN responds.

Myths About Thyroid Disorders, Vaccines in Pets

And the truth about thyroid disorders and vaccines.

Viewpoint: An Open Letter to the Veterinary Community About COE Standards

Twenty veterinary professionals sent a letter to JAVMA discussing ways to the trust and confidence in veterinary school accreditation, but we're rejected.

Are Fear-Free Veterinary Practices Practical?

Dog trainer Jill Breitner says fear-free veterinary clinics are "the only way to go." But are they practical for the everyday veterinary practice?

Why You Need to Start Saying 'No'

How it will make you happy in your veterinary career.

How Does Adding Vet School Seats Impact the Veterinary Workforce?

Michael Dicks, DVM, director of the American Veterinary Medical Association’s Economics Division, shares his thoughts.

5 Things We Love and Sometimes Hate in the Veterinary Practice

Just in time for Valentine's day...

Is Crisis Control Going Too Far?

On professional mistakes, legal advice and preserving humanity in veterinary medicine.

Declawing and Cyberbullying

Should the American Veterinary Medical Foundation have cancelled the America’s Favorite Veterinarian contest?

Managing the Microchip Mess

And the menace of unchecked free market rivalry.

Go Pink?

What should veterinarians wear to work? Frivolous personal choices can yield perfectly professional results.

No Obamacare for Pets Either

Thoughts on an HuffPo opinion piece "No NHS for Animals."

How Integrative Medicine Can Change Your Veterinary Practice

Find out how this field offers new services, increases customer service and patient care, and improves the bottom line.

Is it a Dog-Eat-Dog World in the Veterinary Field?

When competition yields conflict, it isn't a good thing.
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