Pet Birds

Inside An Avian Vet Clinic Pt. 1

Take a virtual tour of an avian veterinarian office.

Inside An Avian Vet Clinic Pt. 2

Take a virtual tour of vet offices, and find out how vets run their offices, ORs and more.

Teaching Clients About The Birds And The Seeds

The number of pet owners who are switching to a formulated diet is growing each year.

A Bird’s-eye View Of An Avian Specialist: Larry Nemetz, DVM

Much of Nemetz's clinic equipment has been tweaked to his needs, sometimes even built to his specifications.

Treatments Recommended For Avian Respiratory Problems

Bacterial and fungal pneumonias, aspergillosis and severe respiratory distress are still common.

Avian Anatomy Aids Endoscopic Procedures

Birds' unique anatomy and physiology make them perfect candidates for endoscopy.

Fluorescent Feathers Critical To Budgie Mating

Fluorescent yellow feathers on budgies' heads play a vital role in attracting mates.


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