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Celebrate National Puppy Day with Puppies in the Vet Clinic

Check out these 12 photos of adorable puppies.

FDA Approves Aratana Osteoarthritis Drug

Galliprant could reach the U.S. market later this year.

How to Promote Good Canine Behavior

What all veterinarians need to know.

Royal Veterinary College Performs Groundbreaking Open-Heart Surgery on Dog

This marks the first time a surgery of this kind has ever been done.

Dog Nearly Dies After Swallowing Stuffed Polar Bear

Dr. Rick Snook conducted surgery on the dog and removed the toy.

Veterinarian Treats Cat Thrown From Car on Highway

Dr. Chris Rehm says that cat is doing well considering the traumatic event it underwent.

How to Talk About Pet Obesity With Your Veterinary Clients

One tip? Don't say "obese."

Veterinarian Saves Puppy That Weighed Only Half a Pound

Dr. Sharon Ostermann and team at the San Jose Animal Care Center weren’t sure the puppy would live past 30 minutes.

Veterinarian Creates Way to Make Senior Dogs’ Lives a Little Easier

ToeGrips were created to keep senior dogs from slipping when they walked.

NCSU Veterinarians, Duke Doctors Join Forces to Fight Cancer

The veterinarians and doctors will participate in a symposium in search of improved cancer treatments.

Study: Many Shelter Dogs Mislabeled as ‘Pit Bull’

A University of Florida study using DNA analysis reveals that shelter workers are often mistaken when they label a dog as a pit bull.

Veterinarian Comforts Dog by Eating Breakfast with Her in Her Cage

Graycie was brought to the animal clinic suffering from starvation, anemia, emaciation, dehydration, vaginal prolapse and hypothermia.

What to do When Gums Overgrow Their Boundaries

A look at gingival hyperplasia in your pet patients.

App Can Help Eradicate Rabies in India

A new vaccine study provides clues on how to wipe out rabies in free-roaming dogs.

University of Guelph Researchers Get Funding for Canine Cancer Study

Dr. Brenda Coomber, the principal investigator, will work with Toronto-based Rna Diagnostics to study dogs with advanced lymphoma.

A Journey Through Canine Osteosarcoma

One veterinarian’s personal story.

Lysine for FHV? Researchers Say Don’t Bother

A systematic review of studies finds little to no evidence of lysine’s value in feline herpesvirus cases.

3 Breed Groups Fund Canine Cancer Study

Researchers will examine hemangiosarcoma, which hits golden retrievers, Portuguese water dogs and boxers especially hard.

Four Paws Helps Injured Bulgarian Dog

An autologous skin graft is performed to replace tissue lost in a dog fight.

What We’re Learning About New Canine Flu

Most of Chicago’s H3N2 patients may have become infected at day care and boarding facilities, a survey finds.

Cancer Drug Kinavet No Longer Approved for Use

AB Science predicts its mast cell tumor treatment for dogs will return at some point.
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