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AAHA Updates Dental Guidelines For Dogs, Cats

The latest protocol on dental care for cats and dogs was recently sent out by the AAHA.

Heartworm Horrors

Prevent heartworm with monthly prevention to control symptoms.

Senior Anesthesia: Age Doesn’t Stop The Need For Care

Just because your pet is older, doesn't mean he shouldn't be checked regularly.

Allergies Often Behind Chronic Ear Infections

Allergies are an underlying but common cause of chronic ear infections.

The Peculiar Politics Of Pet Sterilization

People have all sorts of different opinions regarding sterilization in pets, some for it, some against.

Dissing And Deconstructing The Terms 'Pet Parents' And 'Furkids'

Being a "pet parent" isn't always the case for pet owners.

Not The Heartworms You Used To Know

All pet owners need to follow the instructions set by veterinarians to help treat heartworm.

New Scrutiny On Early Neutering After UC Davis Study On Goldens

Study shows that neutering your retrievers could potentially harm them.

Sterilization Makes Difference In Life Span, Disease Risk Of Dogs

Sterlization helps dogs to live longer, lowers many risks of them getting some sort of disease.

The Future Is Now In Veterinary Dentistry, Oral Surgery

Veterinary dentistry has come a long way, many improvements in the field and it is only expanding.

Treatments For Osteoarthritis In Pets Continue To Evolve

Most people don't realize that sometimes the pain their pets are feeling is osteoarthritis.

Of 'Mutt Tests' And The Muddled Politics Of Dog Breed ID

Over time, dog breed identification tests have been continually refined for greater accuracy and precision.

Dental Implants In Small Animals

Advances in veterinary dentistry are being made, still about 20 years behind of human dentistry.

Treatment Options For Canine Cruciate Ligament Disease (CCLD)

Which treatment combinations can provide the best long-term quality of life?

Sexual Aggression In Neutered Cats

In the absence of testosterone, a cat's masculine behavior is not inactive, simply less active.

On Dishing Out The F-word And Dropping The O-bomb

There should always be an understanding between vets and the pets owners in order to move forward and help the pet out.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder In Animals

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder occurs in pets and should be treated.

Complex Partial Seizures Or Compulsive Behavior?

Nicholas Dodman, BVMS, Dipl. ACVB, shares a few pointers for distinguishing a partial seizure from other anomalous behavior.

Questioning Canine Cruciate Ligament Surgery

See why these 8 claims that surgery is the best option for your canine patients are false.

Neuromodulation For Constipation

Cats and humans share a common problem: constipation.

6 Tips For Keeping Patients Safe Under Anesthesia

Read up on 6 different tips to ensure the safety of your patients while they are under anesthesia.


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