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Step-by Step-Dental Implants

Rigorous treatment planning is important before embarking on dental implant surgery.

New Thoughts on Gallbladder Mucoceles

Here are 4 recent discoveries that will improve your care of patients with gallbladder mucoceles.

Arizona Animal–Massage Therapists Sue for Access to Veterinary Patients

Three massage therapists sue in the spirit of One Health.

10 Ways To Improve Post-Op Care

Just because your patient is out of the operating room, it doesn’t mean you're out of the woods.

Vet Shares His Story Of Putting His Dog To Sleep

A veterinarian speaks of loss, love and the bond between owner and pet.

Moist Food, Environmental Enrichment Can Fight FIC In Your Cat Patients

Stop frustrated cat-owning clients from giving up their pets with education, nutritional management and environmental enrichment.

Interpret The Signs Of FLUTD In Feline Patients

Stress reduction and dietary change can help your cat-owning clients manage disorders affecting the urinary bladder.

Additive Manufacturing—or 3D Printing—helps Create new Knee Joint for a Cat

Find out why the manufacturing process is no longer a barrier to the imagination of an orthopedic clinician.

Non-Healing Facial Wounds: A Tale of Two Terriers

Endodontic disease has long been known as a common cause of a non-healing facial wound.

A Disaster Turns Into A Happy Story

Daisy, a 9-year-old diabetic miniature Schnauzer was diagnosed with a mucocele.

Certain Cats, Dogs Deemed Best Pets for Allergy Sufferers

Here's a list of the top allergen-friendly pets.

Nine Steps for Pain-Free Nine Lives

The more you and your team understand and manage feline pain, the more you will see the need and create the demand.

Chronic Vomiting in Cats isn’t Normal After All

Chronic vomiting is so common that many vets and cat owners have made excuses for it.

Three Techniques to Treat Toe Fractures

Incomplete or complete fractures can be treated with external coaptation.

More "Zebras": Mandibular Swellings

Dr. John Lewis shares zebra diagnoses, those symptoms that can be the sign of something common and severe.

The Lastest On The Deadly Canine Parvovirus

Our knowledge base on parvovirus has vastly improved.

Veterinary Nutrition and You: Redefining the Future of Pet Food

Comparing behavioral problems in pets with respect to feeding and obesity is most fruitful when domesticated animals are compared to another obesity-prone species: humans.

Dissecting the Cat-Dog Healthcare Disparity

It seems that some cat lovers don't care for their feline pets to the same tune they do their dogs.

Staffs Embrace Laser Therapy

Veterinary staffs are leaning toward therapeutic lasers for a variety of purposes.

Wound Care 101 And Beyond

A wound stuck in the inflammatory and debridement stage is possibly being prevented from moving to the repair phase by dead or necrotic tissue.

Animals Have Emotions, But What About ‘Theory Of Mind’?

Scientific thinking about animals’ cognitive processes has been stifled since the turn of last century.
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