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A Call For Calorie Counts On Pet Food Labels

Keeping count of calories in pet foods takes equal efforts from both owners and companies.

Jennifer Olson, DVM: Following Family Tradition

Jennifer Olson, DVM, comes from a long line of veterinarians.

Probiotics For Pets Support Total Wellness

The quality of any probiotic formula depends on a variety of factors: viability, diversity, quantity and adherence.

Prebiotics, Probiotics And Intestinal Health

While prebiotics and probiotics are often confused or thought of as one and the same, their commonalities end with their stint in the intestine.

Can Dogs Suffer From Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

PTSD is not a fully recognized veterinary behavioral phenomenon.

Nerve Blocks Take The Bite Out Of Small Animal Oral Surgery

The most effective way to prevent discomfort stemming from a professional cleaning is a preemptive analgesia.

Julia Avery, DVM: Overcoming Challenges Abroad

For Julia Avery, DVM, her biggest challenge in Baghdad, Iraq, is making the most of the limited veterinary medical supplies.

Multimodal Approach To Osteoarthritis

The author discusses multiple ways to combat osteoarthritis.

What’s The Truth About Gluten?

Hear what a clinical veterinary nutritionist has to say about gluten in pets' diets.

Vet Nutritionists Weigh In On Pet Food Allergies, Grains

Four board-certified veterinary nutritionists on pet food allergies and the role grains play were interviewed by Veterinary Practice News magazine.

Nutritionists Offer Up Pet Food Talking Points For Vets

Here are some important questions to ask the vet about pet food nutrition.

Progress In Treating FIP Reported

Feline infectious peritonitis, or FIP, has long been a diagnosis without hope.

Taming Territorial Aggression In Cats

While it is not strictly true that cats belong to places and not to people, they are, by nature, a highly territorial species.

Saying Goodbye To Rosy

Dr. Katherine Dobbs says goodbye to her beloved cat Rosy.

What’s The Best Use Of Ear Cleansers?

Client care for infected cat and dog ears depends on using medications.

Strategies For Battling Cat & Dog Ear Infections

Veterinarians explore different options when treating ear infections in pets.

There’s Never A Good Time For Lyme

Lyme disease seems to be prevalent, but there may be some misdiagnoses.

Use Of CO2 Lasers In A Feline Practice

The following are CO2 laser applications that make feline practice more successful.

Declaw: Whom Are We Protecting?

Deemed illegal or inhumane in countries around the globe and opposed by many organizations in the United States, why do U.S. veterinarians still consider onychectomy “routine?”

How To Adjust Abnormally Positioned Canine Teeth

This month’s article describes treatment options for relieving palatal trauma in dogs.

A Natural Pet Food Choice In Proper Balance

Finding the right balance of nutrients in a pet's diet make all the difference for a healthy life.
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