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Saying Goodbye To Rosy

Dr. Katherine Dobbs says goodbye to her beloved cat Rosy.

What’s The Best Use Of Ear Cleansers?

Client care for infected cat and dog ears depends on using medications.

Strategies For Battling Cat & Dog Ear Infections

Veterinarians explore different options when treating ear infections in pets.

There’s Never A Good Time For Lyme

Lyme disease seems to be prevalent, but there may be some misdiagnoses.

Use Of CO2 Lasers In A Feline Practice

The following are CO2 laser applications that make feline practice more successful.

Declaw: Whom Are We Protecting?

Deemed illegal or inhumane in countries around the globe and opposed by many organizations in the United States, why do U.S. veterinarians still consider onychectomy “routine?”

How To Adjust Abnormally Positioned Canine Teeth

This month’s article describes treatment options for relieving palatal trauma in dogs.

A Natural Pet Food Choice In Proper Balance

Finding the right balance of nutrients in a pet's diet make all the difference for a healthy life.

Picking Right Therapeutic Diet Is Hard With So Many Choices

The link between animal nutrition and health is fueling improvement in therapeutic and commercially available diets.

Dental X-Ray Unit Is Must-Have For Best Oral Care

Despite the alarming presence of oral disease in pets, it still remains overlooked.

Don’t Drink, And Dog Paddle?

Let’s face it, a lot of animal related stuff is designed to appeal to us humans.

Homer's Odyssey

Homer’s Odyssey is about this blind cat and his extraordinary life, and it’s a wonderful, quick and easy, reading book.

Stop Feline Inappropriate Elimination

Cats who fail to use the litter box once a week are four times more likely to be relinquished.

When ‘Euthanasia’ Is Just Killing

“Convenience euthanasia” may not be pretty, but it’s still a far cry from “selfish kill”.

Regenerative Medicine Gives Back To Hero Dogs

Two 9/11 search and rescue dogs suffering from severe degenerative joint disease are able to live out their days in greater comfort after receiving stem cell regenerative therapy.

Education Dispels Myths Around Nutrition’s Role In GI Disease

Owners fail to recognize that many GI disorders benefit from nutritional management.

Practical Applications Of Probiotics

The public is paying closer attention to probiotics for getting an irregular GI tract back to normal.

Enlist Clients In Battle Against Diabetes

Veterinarians are looking to spread awareness to clients of pet diabetes with November being National Pet Diabetes Month.

Feline Diabetes: Five Principles Breed Success

Five principles to help any owner help manage feline diabetes in their cat.

The Changing World Of Veterinary Anesthesia Guidelines And Monitoring

American Animal Hospital Association releases first-of-its-kind small animal anesthesia guidelines.

Keeping Hospice In Veterinary Hands

Alice Villalobos believes that hospice care should be left to those with veterinary medical experience.
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