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How To Cater To Cats

Our industry fails to educate cat owners on the importance of wellness care.

Feline Stem Cell Therapy Shows Promise

Williams uses MediVet America’s in-house adipose stem cell procedure kit along with conventional therapy.

The Health Benefits Of Therapeutic Fasting

Therapeutic fasting has shown results to increase well-being.

Update: Pfizer Discontinues Periodontitis Vaccine

The vaccine was designed as an aid in preventing periodontitis.

Assistance Dogs: Special Role Of Vets

The effects of assistance dogs in the veterinary field in immeasurable and invaluable.

Nutrigenomics Takes ‘You Are What You Eat’ To New Level

Understanding veterinary nutrigenomics will allow for a more optimal diet for individual animals.

Best Immunity

Feline vaccines are creating better immunity as research uncovers new methods and challenges.

Best Protection

Vaccination standards serve as a guideline, but veterinarians are making customized decisions for their patients.

Dispelling Myths About CaOx Uroliths

Explore these plant- and food-based options for CaOx stone prevention for canine patients.

Diabetes Emergency Preparedness As Important As Insulin

Diabetes in pets can be difficult for owners to take in, but an optimistic attitude can help those owners manage the disease successfully.

Nutrition By The Book: Reducing The Figure Of Obese Pets Is A Priority

Crowns Can Be Long-Lasting Solution

Due to the enormous amount of force a dog can generate on a bite, their teeth are sometimes at risk of damage.

Fleas Persist, But Reason Isn’t Resistance

Keeping clients informed about how to manage fleas and ticks on pets is the best way to prevent the return of the parasites.

Arthritis Rehabilitation: A Team Effort

Rehabilitation of arthritis in a dog or cat can be a time consuming and difficult process requiring a dedicated team.

Raw Pet Food Diets Linked to Salmonella

Salmonellosis is a major concern for pet owners with small children and immuno-compromised individuals.

Treating Congestive Heart Failure

Vaccination And Parvovirus Testing In Kittens

It is a common practice to vaccinate a cat immediately upon its arrival to a shelter.

Nutritional Advances Aid In Prevention, Treatment Of Illness

Proper pet nutrition is catching on among pet owners.

Vets Promote Summer Safety To Pet Owners

Veterinarians should be proactive and communicate with clients about summer safety.

Surgical Advances Provide Options In Treating Common Eye Conditions

Multiple areas remain in which enhanced treatment options would be welcomed by specialists, general practitioners and pet owners alike.

Pain Control In Cancer Management

Take these tips on how to help manage pain during cancer treatment for pets.
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