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Abbott Wins Approval of Daily Feline Pain Drug

Simbadol may be administered once a day for pain control after feline surgery.

Apoquel Shortage Should End by April 2015

Zoetis apologizes for its inability to keep up with demand for a new anti-itch drug but says manufacturing improvements are underway.

AVMA House of Delegates Backs New Dentistry, Declawing Policies

An AVMA governance panel updates veterinary guidelines and chooses new leaders.

N.Y. Clinic Gets Facelift Courtesy of Novartis

Village Vet of Lewiston wins Novartis Animal Health’s Onsior Clinic Makeover contest.

Drug Makers, Compounders at Odds Over FDA Oversight

The Animal Health Institute says “drugs crafted by pharmacies acting as manufacturers” are dangerous and illegal.

New Heartgard Made for Dogs With Food Allergies

Dogs with food allergies have an alternative to help prevent heartworm disease.

Sterilization Effects Worse for Golden Retrievers Than Labs

When a golden or Labrador retriever is sterilized can play a role in the onset of joint disorders and cancer.

What to Tell Your Clients About the Rumor of Ice Water & Dogs

An old Internet rumor resurfaces and has dog owners wondering: Is ice bad for dogs? Here's what to tell your clients regarding this rumor.

Veterinarian Tips For Cat Teeth Extraction

Find out what you should do before and after you start work on your feline patient's teeth.

"I Hate Cats," Veterinarian Confesses

Malcolm Welshman tells all about the mutual dislike between him and his feline patients.

Step-by Step-Dental Implants

Rigorous treatment planning is important before embarking on dental implant surgery.

New Thoughts on Gallbladder Mucoceles

Here are 4 recent discoveries that will improve your care of patients with gallbladder mucoceles.

Arizona Animal–Massage Therapists Sue for Access to Veterinary Patients

Three massage therapists sue in the spirit of One Health.

10 Ways To Improve Post-Op Care

Just because your patient is out of the operating room, it doesn’t mean you're out of the woods.

Vet Shares His Story Of Putting His Dog To Sleep

A veterinarian speaks of loss, love and the bond between owner and pet.

Moist Food, Environmental Enrichment Can Fight FIC In Your Cat Patients

Stop frustrated cat-owning clients from giving up their pets with education, nutritional management and environmental enrichment.

Interpret The Signs Of FLUTD In Feline Patients

Stress reduction and dietary change can help your cat-owning clients manage disorders affecting the urinary bladder.

Additive Manufacturing—or 3D Printing—helps Create new Knee Joint for a Cat

Find out why the manufacturing process is no longer a barrier to the imagination of an orthopedic clinician.

Non-Healing Facial Wounds: A Tale of Two Terriers

Endodontic disease has long been known as a common cause of a non-healing facial wound.

A Disaster Turns Into A Happy Story

Daisy, a 9-year-old diabetic miniature Schnauzer was diagnosed with a mucocele.

Certain Cats, Dogs Deemed Best Pets for Allergy Sufferers

Here's a list of the top allergen-friendly pets.
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