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AAFP Revising Feline Vaccination Guidelines

The AAFP guidelines will be packed with data supporting every recommendation.

Update On Hospice Patient

Dr. Katherine Dobbs' Somali cat is under hospice care.

Cats From Hell?

So are any of you watching the show My Cat From Hell on Animal Planet?

A Tetraplegic Recovers Without Surgery

Kelvin, a 50 pound, 4-year-old female spayed Husky mix was in bad shape, but recovered without surgery.

Cracking Fevers Of Unknown Origin

Getting to the bottom of an unexplained illness can mean a multitude of tests, lots of time and a huge bill. In some cases, the mystery is never solved.

The Bossy Cat And Owner-Directed Aggression

Owner-directed aggression in dogs has been written and talked about at length, but feline owner-directed aggression has received less attention.

With Thyroid Replacement, Consistency Matters

Educate your staff and clients about when quality and consistency count, such as with thyroid replacement therapy.

Considerations For Canine Rehab Protocols

The young and burgeoning field of canine rehabilitation is changing the way dogs recover from injury and surgery.

The Epulis: What’s In A Name?

Practitioners and technicians in general practice are on the front line of diagnosis. Early detection of oral tumors improves outcome.

How To Test, Interpret Thyroid Function

Hypothyroidism is the most common endocrine disorder of dogs and a common endocrine disorder of older cats.

One Clinician’s Experience With A New Treatment For Feline Stomatitis

Find out why Feline stomatitis is among the least understood conditions that veterinary practices come across.

Is Early Neutering Hurting Pets?

Alice Villalobos discusses the facts about early neutering and its potential impact on pets.

Gentle Man, Strong Leader

Feline-only practitioner Roy Smith serves as a model for the veterinary community.

Supplement Can Bolster Pets’ Anxiety Treatment

When it comes to pets, fears, anxieties and phobias are more common than most people realize.

Let’s Regard End Of Life As A Distinct Stage

The end of life phase in a pet is often overlooked but should be considered it's own distinct life stage.

Brave New World In Veterinary Medicine

For dogs with lymphoma, the only university in the U.S. that offers BMT is North Carolina State University.

Nutrition And Advanced Diagnostics Can Combat Parasite Plagues, Other GI Conditions

Advancements in veterinary care, medicine and nutrition are making GI management and prevention easier.

Diabetes Update

Insulin availability can dictate a pet’s treatment."

FCV Adapts, Evolves Into New Strains

FCV is constantly morphing and shifting into new strains.

How To Cater To Cats

Our industry fails to educate cat owners on the importance of wellness care.

Feline Stem Cell Therapy Shows Promise

Williams uses MediVet America’s in-house adipose stem cell procedure kit along with conventional therapy.
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