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Taskforce Launches Feline Fix by Five Initiative

Feline Fix by Five feline spay or neuter initiative aims to greatly reduce the homeless cat population through precise timing and strong veterinary and owner support.

How Vets Can Help With Opioid Crisis

From owners abusing pets to get access to vet-prescribed drugs to animals ingesting substances, veterinarians have to take many precautions to help with the drug and opioid crisis.

BluePearl Vet Team Saves Puppy with Head Stuck in Tire

Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center in Philadelphia were able to help Jade, a pit bull puppy, get unstuck.

Collaboration Will Help Detect Brain Tumors for Pets, Humans

A collaboration between Colorado State University and Synaptive Medical will work together to develop an intraoperative imaging and sensing technology to better detect brain tumors.

Banfield Announces New Veterinary Medical Equipment Grant

Nonprofit organizations or governments that work in animal welfare are eligible for the grant.

FDA Warns Veterinary Community of Accidental Overdose in Dogs From Sileo

It remains undetermined whether improper use of Zoetis' noise-aversion treatment's ring-stop mechanism is to blame.

NAVTA Pursues Registered Veterinary Nurse Credential

The National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America seeks to unite the profession under a single title.

Maine’s New Opioid Rules Confusing to Veterinarians

The rules, veterinarians say range from being unethical to not applicable to them.

Veterinary Survey Says Pet Insurance is a Practice Boon

Also: 10 best practices veterinarians can use to get clients to carry pet insurance.

Reintroduced House Bill Would Require Prescription Writing from Vets

Veterinary organizations fear the Fairness to Pet Owners Act, or H.R. 623, would add extra unneeded work to an already difficult job.

Professors, Scientists Release Antimicrobial Resistance Learning Benchmarks

The AMR Learning Outcomes were developed by the AMR Core Competencies Working Group.

CAPC 2017 Forecasts for Heartworm, Lyme, Anaplasmosis, Erlichiosis

“This year, there are significant shifts in prevalence, making our maps a critical educational tool for veterinary hospitals, and allow veterinarians to demonstrate to pet owners that parasites are ever changing and widespread, sometimes surprisingly so.”

CAPC Releases Mosquito-Control Guidelines

The guidelines focus on the treatment, control and prevention of mosquito and mosquito-borne issues.

Nationwide Releases List of Wackiest Pet Names in 2017

From a dog named "Choo Choo Boo Boo," to a cat named "Dog the Cat," these are Nationwide's wackiest pet names of 2017.

Petplan: Average Cost for Emergency Vet Care is $1500

In their 2016 claims report, Petplan found that on average, insured pet owners are looking at a $1,500 bill for emergency care.

Cummings Veterinary Medical Center Unveils $10 Million Hospital Renovation

The Foster Hospital renovations will help with increased hospital traffic.

AAVMC Awards First Micro-Grants

The recipients each earned a $5,000 CIVME grant.

AFSCAN Announces 2017 Research, Studentship Awards

This is the second year of African Small Companion Animal Network awards.

The Promises of Cutting Edge Veterinary Medicine

How the advances in veterinary medicine offer new hope to pets and owners.

University of Arizona Appeal for COE Accreditation Denied

UA plans to revise and resubmit their proposal for veterinary school accreditation.

Penn Vet Receives $5 Million for Equine Medicine Professorship

The endowment came from the estate of Seth and Lucy Holcombe in honor of their friend Harry Werner, VMD.
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