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What to do When Gums Overgrow Their Boundaries

A look at gingival hyperplasia in your pet patients.

What You Need to Know About Pet Pain

Why assessing the hurt matters.

Where’s the Research on Animal Chiropractic?

What to do if the data isn't there.

Why Gloves Can be Your No. 1 Weapon Against SSIs

Studies show that gloves can tear easily during surgery, and most veterinary surgeons aren't aware of it. Here's how to combat that.

A Journey Through Canine Osteosarcoma

One veterinarian’s personal story.

Lysine for FHV? Researchers Say Don’t Bother

A systematic review of studies finds little to no evidence of lysine’s value in feline herpesvirus cases.

What Veterinary Dentistry Trends and Tool to Look for in 2016

What leaders and experts from the 29th annual Veterinary Dental Forum had to say about the future of veterinary dentistry.

How to Use an Allograft Membrane to Fix Oral Trauma

A case study.

10 Tips to Manage Recumbent Veterinary Patients

How to keep your patients happy and healthy as they recover.

What Would You Do if it Were Your Pet?

The answer isn't always easy.

How Much Does a Vet Health Certificate Cost?

Before you travel with your pet, find out what forms and certificates you need.

Post-op Massage for Veterinary Patients? Just do it!

Why it can work wonders.

Cats and Toothache Vet Costs

Your guide to feline dental disease and treatment.

What You Need to Know About Parvo

Ways to detect it and treat it.

Why There is Much to Learn About Cannabis, Cancer

Despite promising research, if cannabis can cure cancer remains unanswered.

How to Remove Stubborn Tooth Roots

Tips from a veterinary dentist expert.

A Deep Look at Basics of Wound Care

Find out what veterinary experts recommend for treating wounds.

Biogal Offers Rapid Distemper, Lepto Tests

75-minute test results are available using molecular detection kits.

Basic Prices for Pet Vaccines

What to expect and why when it comes to vaccinating your pet, and how much it costs.

Got a Spinal Cord Injury? Get Acupuncture!

Why it's important to include it in your patient's care.

Going Broke, UC Davis Fracture Program Needs Help

The Shelter/Rescue Fracture Surgery Program Fund has operated since 2008.
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