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How to Talk About End-of-Life Care for Pets

When talking to pet owners about end-of-life care, look beyond the patient’s medical condition.

7 Low- or No-Cost Marketing Strategies for Your Vet Practice

You don't have to break the bank to get the word out about how amazing your practice is.

How to Operate a First-Class Veterinary Practice

8 tips to follow.

Why a Lack of Focus Can Ruin Communication in the Vet Practice

And 9 ways to improve communication with your vet clients.

How Do You Feel About Telemedicine? The AVMA Wants to Know

Veterinarians are asked to read the AVMA's report on Remote Consulting, and to send in their input.

Why VCA West Coast is One of the Best-Equipped Hospitals in the Nation

An interview with medical director J. Michael Walters, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACVECC, of VCA West Coast Specialty and Emergency Animal Hospital in Fountain Valley, Calif.

13 Ways to Text Your Veterinary Clients

Using texts is a good way to confirm appointments or alerting pet owners about recalls, upcoming events and more.

Why You Need to Resolve to Do Better in 2017

It's time for veterinary practice owners to reflect on 2016 and decide what changes will benefit their business in 2017.

How Can I Get My Vet Staff to Come to Work After-Hours Events?

It's time to define "voluntary" and "mandatory" events.

What to Do About Cliques in the Veterinary Practice

And how to promote inclusion, diversity and collaboration in the veterinary practice.

Veterinary Confessions: I Had No Idea What My Employees Were Telling Clients

“My receptionist apologized for our prices.”

9 Ways to Show Thanks to Your Vet Staff and Clients

Make your staff and clients feel valued and appreciated, so they are ready to help your practice succeed in 2017.

I Suspect an Employee is Stealing. What Do I Do?

How to navigate this tricky situation.

How to Overcome Resistance to Change: Hold Effective Team Meetings

"More meetings?!" you might say. No, these are EFFECTIVE team meetings that everyone will enjoy, and will help make the changes you need in the veterinary practice.

How to Handle Requests for Time Off During Holiday Season

Some rules and policies to put into effect that help keep the system fair.

How Do I Deal With a Negative Employee?

A step-by-step guide.

My Practice Manager Lied on Her Resume

Why it's so important to check your employees' work history and references.

The No. 1 Way to Lose Clients? Disrespect

Here are five ways to ensure your veterinary practice can meet your clients' needs.

How to Work Out Conflicts in the Vet Practice With Mediation

Tips from Debra Vey Voda-Hamilton, ESQ. – Principal, full-time mediator, conflict coach and owner of Hamilton Law and Mediation.

The Latest, Greatest Resource on Veterinarian Communication

"Skills for Communicating in Veterinary Medicine" is a unique, comprehensive practical resource for learning and teaching communication skills in veterinary medicine.

How to Drive Cat Owners to Your Vet Practice

Use these 16 tips to create a "puurfect" veterinary experience.
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