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Four reasons veterinary clients avoid regular checkups for their cats—and what you can do about it

A recent survey found 92 percent of cat owners say their cat’s health is important to them, but only half of all American cats taken to the veterinarian by their caretakers on a regular basis; inspire cat owners to participate in Take Your Cat to Vet Day on August 22.

Four-letter pet peeves and other veterinary vocabulary vexations

Why some terminology often strikes one veterinarian as disparaging, disdainful and otherwise disrespectful to companion animals.

10 reasons veterinary clients are afraid to say “yes”

Clients are afraid of being sold. You must make something emotional happen within them to get you a fully supported “yes.”

Why standing tall in the veterinary profession safeguards you against vulnerability

For Marty Becker, DVM, and tens of thousands of veterinary healthcare professionals, embracing Fear Free has moved us to a high outcropping of solid rock, away from the sinking sand of things that tug at our hearts and purse strings.

National organization launches to support women veterinary practice owners

Veterinary-centric finance company Calico is backing a new organization, Practice Ownership for Women (POW), to join veterinary students, practicing veterinarians, and practice owners to share knowledge, experience, and support, according to founders Courtney Post and MacKenzie Martin.

AVMA surveys base to boost practice performance

The association aims to provide members with practice performance data that will help them make better business decisions.

The Trends to Watch for in the Veterinary World

Big data, wearable tech and stem cell therapy loom large in the veterinary industry’s near future.

Got Millennials? Why They're Great in the Vet Practice

Why Gen-Xers like me and baby boomers like you should embrace Generation Me.

How to Build a Good Reputation for Your Vet Clinic Online

Hard, cold stats veterinarians must consider when strategizing digital presence and managing posts about their clinics on Yelp, Angie’s List and Google.

Why Wellness Plans Are Great for Your Vet Practice

Wellness plans help clinics provide top-notch preventive care for patients while boosting client loyalty and satisfaction.

10 Provisions That Protect Your Veterinary Client List

What to put in your employment contracts with your associate veterinarians.

How to Achieve Veterinary Team Success Through Synergy

Tips to make your veterinary practice run more smoothly.

Could Your Veterinary Records Get You in Trouble?

Paperwork might be a pain, but if it's not done correctly, that pain can be so much worse.

Use the 3 Strikes Method to Deal with Difficult Clients

From clients who always ask to pick up prescriptions after you close to no-shows, here's how to (politely) deal with them.

Some States Look to Allow Noneconomic Damages Against Vets

Allowing for recovery of noneconomic damages would place an enormous burden on veterinarians by raising the costs of veterinary insurance," wrote the AVMA.

Veterinary Social Work Program a Success for this Vet Hospital

The Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Clinic recently hired a veterinary social worker to help staff and clients with mental health issues and grief counseling.

Study: Pet Owners More Satisfied with Clinics That Play Classical Music

The study also found owners reported less pet anxiety and aggression with dogs in an exam room versus out in the waiting room.

The Implications of Being Candid with Veterinary Clients

And how to mitigate the risk of it.

Is Corporate Practice’s 'Cookie Cutter' Model Better for Pet Patients?

A look at the pros and cons of corporate veterinary practice's practices.

Why Following Payment Card Standards Matters to Your Vet Practice

Not complying with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) rules could lead to lost revenue and worse.

Why You Need to Embrace Digital Communication in Your Vet Practice

It's time to ditch postcard reminders. Look into texting and emails to communicate with your patients.
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