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Merck Dog Flu Vaccine Approved

The vaccine, Nobivac Canine Flu Bivalent, controls subtypes H3N8 and H3N2.

The Latest on Veterinary Cardiology

How the advances in canine medicine improve heart health and the lives of pet patients.

The Hazards of Chinese Herbs

A look at the research.

20 Ways to Give Top-Notch Pet Patient Care

A review of Kirby’s Rule of 20, a classic checklist of 20 important patient parameters.

Drug to Treat Canine Lymphoma Gets FDA Approval

Tanovea-CA1, from veterinary cancer therapeutics company VetDC, is expected available to veterinarians in spring 2017.

Why Clean Margins are Crucial in Feline Oral SCC

A case study.

Immunotherapy: The Next Best Hope for Defeating Cancer?

The latest research.

When is Surgery a Placebo?

Points to consider.

How ASA Scores Help Make Anesthesia Safer for Your Pet Patients

And how it'll make conversations about complicated procedures with pet owners easier to explain.

Brain Teaser: What’s Your Diagnosis?

Can you answer all three of these questions correctly?

Why Epulides Merit Attention

What you need to know about peripheral odontogenic fibromas.

Tech Companies, Auburn University Create Longest Synthetic Virus for Canine Cancer Research

The synthetic DNA virus could revolutionize personalized medicine for cancer treatment for both dogs and people.

Chinese Medicine Primer for the Uninitiated

What veterinarians need to know.

How ‘Lar Par’ is Multifaceted but Treatable

Everything you need to know about laryngeal paralysis.

Collaboration Comes Together to Study Cancer in Pets and Humans

Blossoming partnership between North Carolina State and Duke promotes oncology studies in dogs, which can help humans with cancer.

Why You Need to Get Over Your Fear of Behavior Drugs

They provide a number of benefits for pets, and treat issues that once were death sentences decades ago.

Can You Solve This Thoracic Radiograph Puzzle?

Answer three questions about this radiograph of a German Shepherd.

Take the Hydration Quiz!

Can you solve this brain teaser?

NIH Issues Grant to Further Canine Cancer Research

The grant, awarded to various colleges and groups, will fund a study aimed at understanding the interactions between cancer and the immune system in dogs with naturally occurring tumors. The researchers will then apply that knowledge to the understanding of human cancer.

More Ways to Minimize Opioid Reliance

And how veterinarians can help manage pain without using opioids.

Take the Penrose Quiz!

Can you solve this brain teaser?
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