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Why You Need to Use 'I' Statements

When addressing a difficult problem in the veterinary practice, find out how "I" statements can help you communicate it without shutting down the conversation.

How Vet School Has Changed Over the Years

Gone are 8-hour lectures. Students today get more hands-on experience and are taught business and communication skills too.

10 Sins of Veterinary Professionals

Are you guilty of any of these?

6 Ways Veterinarians Completely Sabotage Vet Techs

Don't do No. 1 especially.

New Vet Keeps Going Over My Head to the Practice Owner

Are you a practice manager with a new employee that goes over your head to question policies? Here's what to do.

Give Thanks for Vet Techs

This video from VetStreet.com and Dr. Andy Roark gives 5 reasons veterinary technicians need to be thanked.

#TheStruggleisReal: That’s Not What I Meant by “Joint”

Funny stories from the veterinary practice.

Is Veterinary Medicine OK?

Sarah Boston, DVM, DVSC, Dipl ACVS, asks that question in an opinion piece.

Why Can't I Find a Job as a Vet Tech?

How this vet tech's interview skills may be holding them back.

10 Ways to Not be a Jerk in the Veterinary Practice

Don't be "that" guy.

Stats Show New Veterinarians are Smothered in Debt

Find out what tips experts recommend for handling debt, and also how they are trying to tackle this problem.

Did I Ruin My Chances at a Promotion and a Pay Raise?

An employee wants to move up into a veterinary management position, but wonders if they ruined their chances after handling a specific situation poorly.

Takeaways From the 2016 Veterinary Conference Season

A look at the changes in the veterinary industry.

One of Those Days? How to Handle It

There will be stressful days at the veterinary clinic, but these tips will help you handle it in a productive way.

In Defense of Emergency Vet Clinics, From a Pet Owner's Perspective

For her blog, writer Felissa Elfenbein talks about how emergency clinics are not charity clinics.

How to Talk to Your Clients: Veterinary Receptionist Edition

How to "be in the know."

How Much Money Could You Personally Be Saving?

Why a vet tech gave me a heart attack or 4 steps to climbing out of a financial hole.

14 Veterinarians Share the Best Advice They Received from a Mentor

Applying their wisdom helps these veterinarians stay focused.

15 Tweets That Show the Other Side of Being a Vet Tech

It's the little things about the #vettechlife.

The 8th Wonders of the World

How the Panama Canal gives Dr. Phil Zeltman hope for mankind.

Two Days Into Job, This Veterinary Assistant Has Seen It All

Stories from the veterinary clinic front.
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