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How to Support Your Veterinary Receptionist

Your receptionist is your greatest asset. Make their job easier so they can spend more time giving your veterinary clients the service they deserve.

How Apologies Can Come Back to Bite You

If you make a mistake in your veterinary clinic, should you apologize? David Carser, BVSc, president of the Veterinary Defence Association, gives his advice.

24 Hour Emergency Vet Clinics

Everything you need to know about emergency veterinary clinics and the veterinarians that run them.

What to do When You Make a Mistake in Your Vet Clinic

Use the "T.E.A.M" approach.

Why You Should Use This Phrase: Guilt Will Come

How it will help your clients through the euthanasia process.

Typical Veterinary Services

What goes into a pet’s initial veterinary visit? Find out.

How to Use Digital Tools to Enhance Your Veterinary Business

Here are 5 tips to leveraging the advantages of digital media to benefit for your practice.

The Power of a Phrase: How are YOU doing?

Veterinary clients that suck up your time shouldn't keep you from checking in on your more peaceful clients.

Why Veterinarians Expect More From Diagnostic Equipment

And how technology providers are meeting that demand.

Does Your Service Match Your Medicine?

Here are 7 easy-to-implement ideas that create excellent service in your veterinary clinic.

How to Put Fear Free Practices to Use During Procedures

Use these Fear Fear techniques for hospitalization, anesthesia and surgery.

Why You Need to Walk a Mile in a Pet Owner’s Wallet

Four tips to make the "payment" talks with clients less painful.

Are You a Financial Slacker?

Here's how to gain control of your finances.

How Integrative Medicine Can Change Your Veterinary Practice

Find out how this field offers new services, increases customer service and patient care, and improves the bottom line.

Have You Tried Open Book Management in Your Vet Practice?

Why it will motivate your veterinary team to succeed.

How to Discuss Costs of Preventive Care With Your Veterinary Clients

What you and your team say can affect whether your clients say "yes" to preventive care treatments.

Pregnant Veterinary Staff? Follow These HR Rules

What you need to know about pregnancy in the veterinary workspace.

How to Go Fear Free in Your Veterinary Clinic

Don't let stress affect your patients or your results.

About Veterinary Malpractice Insurance

As the way courts have viewed animals has shifted, from property to companions, the costs of defending against malpractice claims continue to rise.

The Story Behind the X-ray of Dog Who Ate a Door Hinge

Learn more about the dog who ate a door hinge, and whose X-ray won 3rd place in the 2015 "They Ate What?!" X-ray contest.

Is That a Fishing Pole? The Story Behind Crazy X-ray

Find out more about the puppy who ate a fishing pole and whose X-ray won 2nd place in the annual "They Ate What?!" X-ray contest.
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