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Why Vet Techs are the Veterinary Profession’s Backbone

And how to improve the profession so the vet tech turnover lessens.

What to Do When the Vet Keeps Disrupting Team Meetings

Tips for veterinary practice managers to take control of their meetings.

The Best of the Worst Pet Health Advice Vet Techs Have Ever Heard

"I know my puppy doesn't have worms because his breath doesn't smell like worms."

Where Did All the Vet Techs Go?

NATVA's 2016 survey reveals the challenges vet techs face, which leads to high turnover.

10 Vet Tech Tweets that Sum Up Daily Life in the Vet Clinic

"Plans after work? Nope dog decided to release explosive diarrhea down the front of my scrubs."

7 Crazy Things Heard in the Vet Clinic

'Can you reverse euthanasia if I change my mind?'

How Millennials are Changing the Vet Practice

Find out 6 things that make millennials so different.

Practice Manager Overwhelmed by New Leadership Role

What is expected in a PM role? It's up to senior management to define it.

Vet Clients Say the Darndest Things

Stories from the vet practice.

What to Do When a Vet Tech Goes Over a Practice Manager's Head

A new practice manager struggles with a vet tech who has a negative attitude.

7 Best Life Tips For Authentic Work Satisfaction in the Vet Practice

We’ve all heard the familiar saying about happiness at home. It says, “If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” Maybe it’s time for veterinarians to admit, “If the doctor ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”

14 Pet Apps You Can Recommend to Clients

While animal health apps have a way to go, there are a few that you and your clients can benefit from.

What It's Like to be a Vet Tech in 14 Tweets

It's a job like no other.

7 Qualities of a Good Veterinary Practice Owner

Do you have what it takes to run a veterinary practice? Find out.

Am I Cut Out to be a Vet Practice Manager?

Some things to consider.

#TheStruggleisReal: Dying Dog Not Taken to ER

A sad tale from a veterinary assistant about what happens when clients don't follow a veterinarian's advice.

Comic: Young Female Vet Problems

Has this happened to you before?

20 'You Know You're a Vet Tech' Moments as Told in Instagram Photos

Also known as #vettechproblems.

7 Things You Learned as a Kid That'll Help You in Vet Med

Take your lessons from kindergarten to heart.

This Vet Tech Joke is Too Funny

They saw their chance and took it.

18 Hilarious Veterinary Memes

Can you relate?
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