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Moist Food, Environmental Enrichment Can Fight FIC In Your Cat Patients

Stop frustrated cat-owning clients from giving up their pets with education, nutritional management and environmental enrichment.

Interpret The Signs Of FLUTD In Feline Patients

Stress reduction and dietary change can help your cat-owning clients manage disorders affecting the urinary bladder.

Cats and FIC: Discover the Signs and Some Solutions

Help your cat-owning clients and feline patients by controlling the cat’s anxiety and urinary issues with a dietary solution.

Why Lasers Promote Faster, Stronger Wound Closure

Through increased cellular oxygenation and metabolism, lasers promote fibroblast proliferation, collagen regulation and a host of positive enzymatic changes.

Examples Of Laser Therapy Success, Inside And Out

There is an enormous diversity of Class IV laser therapy applications.

Therapeutic Lasers Are Used In Variety Of Clinical Applications

Industry leaders estimate that 20 percent of veterinary practices in North America use a therapy laser.

Treating And Preventing Dental Disease In Geriatric Pets

Pets with dental problems often suffer in silence.

Introducing Veterinary CO2 Laser Surgery In Japan

Masahiro Seki explains his fascination with CO2 laser technology and how his practice began using it.

Brave New World Of St. George’s University School Of Veterinary Medicine

Our different world demands a different way of learning veterinary medicine, and St George’s University in Grenada, West Indies, is providing it.

Assessing Veterinary Student Loans, Repayment Options

The process of going about paying back veterinary school loans can be difficult, so read up on the best ways to go about it.

Why Therapeutic Lasers Are Good For Elite Level Equine Competitors

When it comes to treating horses, laser therapy can help with wounds, inflammation and more.

Understanding, Treating Chronic Kidney Disease

Veterinarians have more options than ever for helping chronic kidney disease.

Y/d Feline And Concurrent Disease

Nutrition can be useful in managing concurrent diseases associated with hyperthyroidism.

Warming To The Role

Therapy laser technicians find a wealth of rewards administering laser therapy.

With Thyroid Replacement, Consistency Matters

Educate your staff and clients about when quality and consistency count, such as with thyroid replacement therapy.

Welcome To Election Year Tax Limbo

One question: Is there going to be a massive change to the tax code?

How To Maximize A Clinic’s Cash Flow

Even in hard times, there are ways to improve your financial outlook.

Banking Stem Cells A New Option For Animals

Cryobanking of pet stem cells can be a great help later in their life if degenerative diseases begin to set in.

Putting A New Nutritional Tool To Work

Nutrition is a new option for managing cats with hyperthyroidism.

Technology Brings Stem-Cell Therapy In-House

Researchers have found that “activating” stem cells before returning them to the animal’s body enhances the healing of these musculoskeletal problems.

The $10,000 Dog

A challenging diagnosis and the benefit of an owner with pet insurance.
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