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The Gonadectomy Controversy

Exploring the available data, making the case for more information and weighing the risks with pet owners.

Is it a Medical Problem or a Behavior Problem?

Manage tricky behavior cases by determining medical factors, championing client education and knowing when to refer issues beyond your clinic’s scope.

The Immunity Challenge: Vaccines and Pets

The latest about vaccines.

Tips and Tricks to Clip Like a Pro

10 tips every veterinary surgeon should know.

Pet Owners Seek Out Mitral Valve Repair Surgery Overseas

Pet owners are willing to help their dogs receive the latest in veterinary surgical care, whether it be in France or Japan.

Surgical Program for Vet Interns Helps Shelter Pets

Veterinary Speciality Center in Buffalo Grove, Ill., launched Shelter Animal Surgical Service to help shelter pets who need surgical procedures.

Study Reveals Ways to Determine Surgical Margins for Feline Tumors

Research from Oregon State University can help surgeons avoid removing noncancerous tissues in cats with feline injection-site sarcoma.

Researchers Repair Nonunion Fractions With Bone Regrowth Tech

Orthopedic surgeons at UC Davis utilized the technology to help repair bone injuries in dogs.

Kristen Levine Launches 1st Annual Pet Anxiety Awareness Week

Kristen Levine Pet Living will raise awareness about pet anxiety starting June 25.

Name Those Errors

Solve the Veterinary Practice News June 2017 brain teaser.

Conversation Starters for the Shy and Introverted Vet, Vet Tech

Icebreakers for any situation.

Winn Feline Awards 11 Study Grants

The foundation has awarded $214,000 for 11 feline health studies.

How Equine Veterinarians Can Help Demystify Horse Nutrition

Owners may not know how to best feed their horses. Here's how you can help.

Average Annual Salary for Veterinarians Tops $100K

The Occupational Employment and Wages report from the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau shows veterinarians are earning a higher salary, but not enough to pay off student debts.

One Vet's Journey from the Scalpel to the Paint Brush

Veterinarian-turned-painter Ande Hall, embarking on a second career as an artist, is getting noticed for her talents.

FDA Launches Phase 2 of Animal Drug Database

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Center for Veterinary Medicine completed the second phase of their Animal Drugs @ FDA on June 8.

UC Davis Veterinary Technician Creates New Large Animal CT Table

The CT scan process of large animals just became much less of a hassle.

AKC Canine Health Foundation Awards Research Grant to Study Bloat

The study involves the genetics of gastric dilatation volvulus, or bloat, and its association with specific genes of the immune system and gut bacteria.

Canadian Vet Caught on Tape For Abuse Faces Cruelty Charges

Dr. Mahavir Rekhi faces eight counts of causing unnecessary pain or suffering to an animal and eight counts of failing to provide suitable and adequate care for an animal.

Enter the Veterinary Practice News 12th Annual They Ate What?! X-ray Contest

Send us those crazy radiographs!

University of Nebraska Welcomes New Veterinary Diagnostic Center

The university will celebrate the opening on June 9.
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