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Attention Digital Subscribers:

Veterinary Practice News has a new app and it’s FREE!  Now you can read your issues on your tablet or smart phone as well as your computer.  Our app is available on iTunes for Apple products, Google Play for Android devices and Amazon for Kindle Fire.

If you already receive the Digital Edition of Veterinary Practice News, you can download the free app to your preferred device today and get instant access to the latest issue.  Of course, you can still access each issue online; we will still send you an email each month with a link to the new issue.  We think you will really enjoy the new platform.

Click here for FAQs.


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Letter from the Editor: Radiograph Contest Deadline Is June 30

Entries being accepted in fourth annual radiograph contest.

Dog Nutrition Demystified Webinar

A webinar breaking down the nutrition in dog food.


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