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What You Need to Know About Alternative Medicine for Equines

Find out if you should add it to your vet practice, and what to tell clients about it.

Is a “Healthy” Horse Really Healthy?

Find out why equine obesity has risen over the years.

Miniature Horse Gets Artificial Hoof, New Chance at Life Thanks to CSU Vets

After Shine was attacked by a dog and his leg was injured to the point it needed to be amputated, veterinarians thought he would be a great candidate for a prosthetic.

Merck Animal Health Acquires Rights to Whisper Veterinary Stethoscope System

The device from Minnesota-based Geissler Companies.helps Diagnose Bovine Respiratory disease.

Study: Always Use Pain Meds During Dehorning

Article published in the journal Animal Welfare seeks to raise awareness about the need for pain relief when debudding or dehorning dairy calves.

What’s Good to Put on a Horse’s Wound?

A look at various treatments and dressings.

New Robotic Lifting Device Works to Help Injured Horses

Researchers and engineers from the University of Saskatchewan have created a lifting device that provides mobility, weight distribution and support for healing horses.

Phibro Swine Drug Draws FDA Scrutiny

Questions arise over whether Mecadox leaves trace amounts of a carcinogenic residue in pork.

How to Work With Common Horse Injuries

Pull out all the stops to facilitate your equine patient’s speedy recovery.

Funds Available from USDA for Veterinary Loan Repayment

If veterinarians work in places lacking veterinary resources, they can earn up to $25,000 each year to pay their school loans.

The Latest on Equine Health

A look at some of the Kester News Hour selections presented during the 61st American Association of Equine Practitioners annual convention.

Kindred Hopeful of Potential for Equine, Feline Drugs

Kindred Biosciences Inc. wants to bring two new drugs to market: Zimeta (dipyrone injection) for horses and KIND-010 for cats.

Study: Horse's Behavior Can't be Determined by the Color of its Coat

The findings prove that chestnut horses aren't "crazy," but are bolder than other horses.

The Art of Equine Veterinarian Yoga

Don't forget to breathe.

5 Ways to Talk About Equine Health With Your Vet Clients

You have an array of valuable services to maximize horse health and longevity…but do your clients know?

Common Illnesses of Newborn Foals

What you need to know.

Kansas, Texas Researchers to Conduct Beef Cattle Production Health Study

Kansas State University and Texas Tech University are seeking feedlots to participate in a feedlot cattle production and health research study.

Veterinary Service Grants Available from USDA

The Veterinary Services Grant Program will be accepting applications soon from veterinarians who want to expand their services to underrepresented areas and rural clients.

What to Watch For When Breeding Mares

Ensure equine breeding success with these tips.

Equine Dentistry for the Mixed-Animal Practitioner: A Guide

Find out what you need to know.

More Apoquel on Way for Dogs, Zoetis Says

Company reports a growing supply of the anti-itch drug and announces other product news.

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