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Ceva Animal Health Gallops Into Equine Market

Altresyn, ConfidenceEQ and Tildren are among the first products offered through Ceva’s new equine division.

Drug Makers, Compounders at Odds Over FDA Oversight

The Animal Health Institute says “drugs crafted by pharmacies acting as manufacturers” are dangerous and illegal.

The Pros And Cons of Equine Probiotics

Probiotics have come to the equine market. Veterinarians weigh in on the good and bad of probiotics and horses.

Soring Bill At Risk As Congressional Term Winds Down

The AVMA- and AAPE-backed PAST Act would amend the Horse Protection Act by making the actual act of soring illegal.

How To Recognize Pain In Horses

The first step to treating a horse in pain is to recognize that pain. Find out how.

Tips for Better Equine Radiographs

Dr. Waldsmith lists common mistakes and offers advice on smarter, more informed digital imaging equipment purchasing.

Equine Nasal Strips Do Work, Kansas State Reports

A study determined that equine nasal strips "tent" the airway and hold it open, protecting the lungs.

4 Horses Die After Receiving Compounded EPM Drug

Adverse events were reported in two Kentucky horses and eight Florida horses that received a pyrimethamine-toltrazuril combination.

Acupuncture, Chiropractic Offer More Options In Horse Care

Practitioners say the modalities are especially useful in treating performance problems.

Equine Needleoscopy

Josh Zacharias, DVM, MS, DACVS of Countryside Large Animal Veterinary Services, uses BioVision’s Needlescope to evaluate a stifle injury.

Technology out in Front in Healing Horse Wounds

The dressings need to be chosen based upon what is happening with the wound.

First Step in Floating: a Thorough Oral Exam

Getting right down to running a float in a horse’s mouth to address equine dental problems.

Uses of Equine Ultrasound are Many—and Growing

Everything from looking at the throat to imaging the limbs, lungs and abdomen, can be imaged with ultrasound.

Trauma Is Leading Cause Of Equine Eye Problems

Eye injuries or illnesses in horses usually are not caught early enough.

Rainfall May Foretell Bad Year For Equine Encephalitis

Encephalitides are transmitted between mosquitoes and avian hosts.

Improved Technology Is Revolutionizing Equine Diagnostics

Technological advances are giving equine practitioners new ways to diagnose disease and injury.

Stem Cells Might Help Intestinal Healing

One of the latest developments in equine colic and gastrointestinal research is the study of isolating stem cells in the intestine.

First Woman Equine Veterinarian Reflects On Her Career

M. Phyllis Lose, VMD, may no longer be practicing, but she is far from retired.

AAEP Kicks Off Laminitis Research Project

Laminitis remains one of the most complex conditions equine veterinarians confront.

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