's Top 10 Must-Read Stories For 2010

Posted: January 3, 2011 6:10 p.m., EDT


10 Must-Read Features From 2010.'s Top 10 Must-Read Stories for's Top 10 Must-Read Stories for's Top 10 Must-Read Stories for's Top 10 Must-Read Stories for's Top 10 Must-Read Stories for 2010's Top 10 Must-Read Stories for 2010

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Nasal Cancers Rare but Deadly
Nasal passage cancer generally develops very insidiously in older pets. It is rare in cats and not common in dogs. It composes about 1 percent of feline tumors and up to 2.5 percent of canine tumors. Long-nosed breeds (dolichocephalic) and senior dogs are at higher risk.

ACTH Stimulation Testing: A Low-Dose Protocol
ACTH stimulation testing is a common procedure in small-animal practice used for diagnosing both hypoadrenocorticism and hyperadrenocorticism. 

One Clinician’s Experience With a New Treatment For Feline Stomatitis 
Feline stomatitis, the most painful oral disease in the feline, has many faces and names.

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Canine Melanoma Vaccine Gets Conditional OK 
The U.S. Department of Agriculture has conditionally licensed a vaccine to treat canine oral melanoma—the first approved therapeutic vaccine for the treatment of cancer in either animals or humans, according to the company that produces it, Merial.

The Art of Draining Evil Humors 
Drains are often used to help treatment of infected wounds, but they can also be very helpful after excision of large skin or subcutaneous masses.

Class IV Laser Sheds New Light on Treatment of Elderly Animals 
How best to measure the effectiveness of treatment with a Class IV laser? For Karen Miller Becnel, DVM, there is no better gauge than the Buddy system.

Common Cause of Chronic UTI Has a Surgical Solution
The solution to some chronic urinary tract infections is not always antibiotics. When female dogs present excessive or redundant skin folds dorsally and laterally to the vulva, a cascade of events often follows 

What You May Not Know About Hamsters: Their scent glands often fool owners and even some veterinarians.
Microbiologist Elizabeth Johnson, a fourth-year student of veterinary medicine and surgery at Glasgow University School of Veterinary Medicine in Scotland, said her love for furry little creatures, including hamsters, has led to an unexpected discovery.

Is Early Neutering Hurting Pets?
Early neutering has become the norm in the U.S. Some states are asking voters to pass initiatives requiring citizens to sterilize their pets no later than puberty. Overpopulation is the driver. 

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UK Vets Extract Tooth from Elephant

An elephant named Lucha who lives Zoological Society of London Whipsnade Zoo needed to have a tooth extracted, and veterinary dental surgeon, Dr. Peter Kertesz, stepped in to help.

Study: Labs More Interested in Food Than Other Breeds

Researchers found links a gene alteration specifically found in Labs and related flat-coat retrievers to greater food-motivated behavior.

Dean of Purdue’s Vet College Receives Black Graduate Student Association Award

The 2016 Black Graduate Student Association Distinguished Service Award honors individuals who have made significant and sustained contributions to Black Higher Education within the state of Indiana.

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