Fusion Xpress

The Bone Graft Experts introduce Fusion Xpress, an osteoinductive, injectable bone putty.

Category: Veterinary

Spectrum Surgical Instruments Surgery Pack With Stainless Tray

Spectrum Surgical Instruments Corp. offers its general surgery pack with stainless tray.

Category: Veterinary

Task-Vision LED Magnifiers

Task-Vision’s new magnifiers are used for inspection and are specially designed for powers ranging from 4X to 20X magnification.

Category: Veterinary

Versa II

Patterson Veterinary has introduced the Versa II, a small animal anesthesia machine designed to support up to two vaporizers.

Category: Veterinary

Qosina Hemostatis Valve

Qosina has introduced two new hemostasis valves with side port tubing connection to a stopcock.

Category: Veterinary

BCP Veterinary Pharmacy Flavored Suspensions

BCP Veterinary Pharmacy compounds meclizine into flavored suspensions for cats, dogs and rabbits with vestibular disorders.

Category: Veterinary

Cardell Touch Veterinary Anesthesia Monitor

Midmark Corp. has introduced the Cardell Touch Veterinary Anesthesia Monitor.

Category: Veterinary

Norfolk CompanionPort

The CompanionPort is an indwelling access port similar to that used in human medicine for the safe delivery of chemotherapy

Category: Veterinary

8 Way Joint Formula Granules

Kaeco Group Inc. says its 8 Way Joint Formula Granules are a balanced joint supplement designed to support healthy connective tissue, joint structure and maintain joint function and mobility in horses.

Category: Equine-Large-Animal

Drill-Aire Mini/Drill-Aire Mini Plus

Engler Engineering Corp. has introduced two new high-speed dental units, The Drill-Aire Mini and the Drill-Aire Mini Plus.

Category: Veterinary

Patterson IntraVet 4

IntraVet 4.5 has been re-engineered and utilizes Microsoft development languages and SQL database technology.

Category: Veterinary


SnapVet provides veterinarians with a new way to engage customers online, increase revenue, and reduce triage time.

Category: Veterinary

Feliway Spray Professional Pack

Ceva has introduced new sizes of Feliway and Adaptil pheromone products to manage stress leading to behavior issues.

Category: Cats

9W Pilot Diode Laser

CAO Group Inc. has introduced its new 9W Pilot Diode Laser for veterinarians.

Category: Veterinary

Qosina Syringes

Qosina had added five new Control Stroke Syringes to its product list. The company says the syringes help ensure volume regulation during fluid delivery, and are used for precise injection or withdrawal. The syringes do not contain DEHP, BPA or natural rubber.

Category: Veterinary

SNAP Pro Mobile Device

SNAP Pro Mobile Device is an advanced point-of-care instrument that automatically activates SNAP tests, captures and saves images of the results and records invoice charges in the patient record.

Category: Veterinary

Cloprostenol Veyx

The company says Cloprostenol Veyx shortens the lifespan of the corpus luteum makes it efficient for multiple therapeutic indications.

Category: Equine-Large-Animal


Dexdomitor, a sedative and preanesthetic manufactured by Zoetis Inc., now comes is a dosage appropriate for smaller dogs and cats.

Category: Dogs


Florvio™ (florfenicol) is a 2.3% Concentrate Solution for fast-acting and effective treatment of swine respiratory disease(SRD).

Category: Equine-Large-Animal

EQUISUL-SDT (Sulfadiazine/Trimethoprim)

EQUISUL-SDT (Sulfadiazine/Trimethoprim) treats lower respiratory tract infections in horses.

Category: Equine-Large-Animal


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