A New Year, A New You

Keep the new year simple with this easy resolution.


Be good to yourself in 2014.

Happy New Year! I really hate this time of year, because it’s supposed to be a time to assess the past year, and change things for the better in the new year.  I have much more success if I apply this logic:

I once listed all the good things I did over the past year
and then turned them into resolution form and backdated them.
That was a good feeling.
~ Robert Fulghum

Instead of setting yourself up for failure, look back at the things you DID accomplish in the past year, and be proud. Then do just one simple thing this year: be kinder to yourself.

That could mean many things to you, it’s easy to personalize. Is that one more bubble bath a week? Is that one more trip to your favorite place to window shop each month? Is that extra time with a close friend? Is that pleasure reading for 30 minutes every night? Is that taking the kids to the zoo one weekend instead of doing laundry and house cleaning? Is that a date night with your special someone, without worrying about spending the money on dinner? Whatever it is, do it.

You deserve it!  You spend every day of every year in a profession where giving of yourself is not only required, but it is expected. Even when there’s nothing left of you, you can’t turn the caring part of yourself off until you clock out…and even then, you prepare yourself to take care of the kids, animals, significant other, family of origin, etc.

So many times when I talk of burnout and compassion fatigue, the message is the same: take care of yourself. But I have many readers who insist that they can NOT find the time to do it. But in reality, you can NOT afford to not find time to be kind to yourself. If you carry the weight of the world on your shoulder, what happens to your world when you can no longer bear the weight? Something falls, and then we feel guilty for not being "more”….more of a friend, more of a parent, more of a spouse, more of a colleague, more of a sister, brother, uncle, etc. You cannot be more when you have less.

So this year, you could set your sights on losing weight, earning that promotion, becoming a credentialed technician or VTS, spending more time with your family, finally finishing that home remodel job, any number of things. But at the top of the list, simply write "YOU!"


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