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Acts Of Patriotism

The Fourth of July has come and gone for another year. Many of us celebrate the Fourth with cookouts and hot dogs, swimming and fireworks … and perhaps, a sunburn to boot. But beyond the fun (and pain), there is the American flag that waves with pride and reminds us of what the holiday is all about. It amuses me how we can say whatever we want about our country during most of the year, and some of it not complimentary, yet when July 4th comes around, we swell with pride just the same.

While you may spend your life in America, it’s true that most of us full-time workers spend the majority of our time in our place of employment. How proud are you of your workplace? Do you mumble grumbles and groans some of the time, or most of the time? Is there also a time when you talk with pride about where you work?

There are many acts of patriotism that apply to where we work and being in the veterinary profession. When you wear a scrub top with a logo, when you inform a new acquaintance of the type of work you do, when you hand out a business card to a stranger you just met, indeed each time you step into the lobby of your facility you are, hopefully, performing an act of patriotism. You are representing your employer with pride, if you are indeed proud of where you work. That’s the first step, being proud. Doesn’t the saying go something like, “if you don’t like it, get out!”

I’ve heard that applied to being in America, but it can also apply to where we work. We’ve talked about this before, how difficult it can be to remain in a place that tests your integrity, where you cannot be proud. It’s my belief that in order to do the job well, and enjoy doing it at the same time, we need to have an inherent pride in our place of employment. Then you need to display that pride to the world. In fact, if you are proud of where you work, you can’t help but show it!

The way you represent your facility while you are doing the work, and then out in the world in general, is actually a form of marketing your practice. You are creating an impression in others, whether it be positive or negative. Yet beyond the business side of this, you are also performing acts of patriotism. When you say the name of your facility with a smile, when you feel your chest swell with pride when you describe your position in the profession, when you can remember the pets and people you’ve helped and know that you can be proud … those are acts of patriotism that we all should feel good about performing!

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Acts Of Patriotism


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