Who Rescued Whom?

I am so fortunate! So special! (In Georgia’s eyes at least.)

Katherine Dobbs', Blogger rescued PowPerke, Georgia

When I saw this magnetic paw print at the local pet shop, I couldn’t resist buying one and sticking it on my car…because in my case, I truly feel that my little rescue dog rescued me.

Now let me start by saying I am a “cat person.” I always have been and figured I always will be. I’ve lived with dogs, but they’ve never been “mine” so there was merely a casual connection. That was, until Georgia came along. Remember me mentioning Georgia in the past year? She’s the little PowPerke found as a stray in Kentucky, passed through Milwaukee, and finally ended up at our house in north-central Wisconsin. (If you recall, I blogged about her DNA test back in August 2011; her test showed a mixture of Pomeranian, Chow and Schipperke, believe it or not, so that is where she gets her fancy breed name.)

The most amazing thing happened—she picked me to be “her person.” I never expected it, never anticipated it, and never would have thought that a dog would pick me. I feel so fortunate and will often look into those little brown eyes and say, “Why me? What makes me so special that you chose me?”

But here she is, rushing up to greet me at the door, turning to get an “OK” from me before she obeys someone else’s command, and I’ve been told that she seems to miss me when I’m gone. I am so fortunate! So special! (In Georgia’s eyes at least.)

It occurred to me the other day that the main reason cats and dogs are different is because cats, well, they’ll come on over to greet you when you come home, may rub against your legs, and meow some sad little refrain about dinner or such, like, “Why have you been gone? It’s dinner time! Then I want you to scratch behind my ears a bit and let me lay across your lap.”

But now I come in, and this little wiggly thing runs up to me, wagging her tail and whole back end, eyes bright and big, as if to be saying, “Oh my gosh, you’ve been gone so long, I was so worried, I’m so glad to finally see you again!” and this reaction is the same whether I’ve been gone for days, or just stepped outside to dump some trash. Amazing!

If you think about it, this is similar to how we greet each other when we come to work. Most of us will grunt a hello, barely making eye contact, and the first words out are “Can you help me…” Not that that is wrong, but think how fun it would be if you came to work, walked through the doors, and everyone looks up, smiles, and acknowledges that they are glad you’re here today!  Wouldn’t that be nice? You would feel fortunate to be chosen to work with this fine bunch of individuals.

So welcome your co-workers to the day that lies before him or her, and show off that wagging tail of happiness during your greeting!

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Who Rescued Whom?

I am so fortunate! So special! (In Georgia’s eyes at least.)


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