Boarding Peace of Mind

Upgrading your boarding offers the opportunity to gift your customers with peace of mind while they are vacationing.


Peace of Mind

Upgrading your boarding offers the opportunity to gift your customers with peace of mind while they are vacationing. They know their fur family members are enjoying a luxury visit at your facility.

Don’t think of it as competing with boarding facilities as much as providing a “medical” option. You know their pet’s health better than anyone. When you send a daily update, it really will be a welcome relief to pet owners.

Do create a menu of offerings and pricing that pamper overnight guests. This can include extra walks, cuddle time, video calls between owners and pets, play time with other boarders and special treats and toys. Hint: staff will really enjoy this!

Take the Lead from Boarding Facilities
Looks matter. When Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital in Menomonee Falls, Wis., built their facility, they chose flooring and tile that is both easy to clean and attractive for pets and pet parents alike.

The extra-large rooms provide lots of play area as well as space for bonded pairs to board. Pet parents like to see the extra space, even if the pet has plenty of exercise time.

Notice how Brook-Falls uses the tempered glass door to give plenty of light to the room as well as the ability for staff to look in when they walk by, doing a quick welfare check. The door handle has a quiet close as well, reducing stress.

Trends in Low Stress Housing
At Shor-Line, we help thousands of hospitals build kennel areas. We see low stress trends in both color palette as well as larger housing areas. One of the key low stress philosophies is to provide double compartment housing.

Double compartment housing in a kennel run would be a side-to-side or front-to-back run, both with transfer doors. This allows the dog to defecate in one area and sleep in another. This more closely resembles what the pet experiences at home, so it lowers stress levels.

Allowing the dog to see out is important but some pets prefer some privacy when boarding. Having at least one solid panel at the front gives the pet a place to “hide.”

Low stress does not have to be expensive. There are many multi-purpose options you can build into your existing facility.

Multi-Use Space
One of the biggest challenges for veterinary hospitals expanding their boarding offerings is finding space. Folding kennels can be a solution.

By day, the pets can run in an open play area. The kennels fold neatly against the wall. For naptime and overnights, the kennels roll back out for a durable, comfy rest. This also works well for older dogs or those who get excited. A single kennel can fold for a “break” space.

Folding kennels are also great options for holiday overflow. A free consultation is available to learn how to mix and match sizes and wall space for your facility.

Investing in Boarding
Pet ownership research shows a continuing trend in millennial pet owners who consider the pet an even more integral family member than Baby Boomers. So, the bonds you form with young pet owners today will help them and their pets for years.

Become a trusted boarding resource with weekend specials, combos with bathe and groom and special “play dates” around busy holiday times. Investing in good, durable boarding equipment will pay dividends in customer satisfaction for decades.

Caption for Folding Kennels:
Standard size Folding Kennels are available as 4’x4′ or 3’x3′, and you can run them as long as you want along a wall.

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