AHI studies economic, social contributions of animal health industry

March 15, 2018

[1]The Animal Health Institute[2] has released its findings from a first-of-its-kind study into the economic and social contributions of the animal health industry, which also covers household pets. The report examines the role the companies that produce pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and flea and tick products play in the U.S. economy and beyond.

Key report findings include:

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The report also details national and state data on the following pet and veterinary categories: households with pets, household expenditures on pet medicines and supplies, veterinary industry statistics, and pet services statistics.

To view the full report, executive summary, and fact sheets, visit bit.ly/2p7Drgc[3]. To view an animated video on the report, visit youtu.be/_X5QXcK4ttA[4].

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