Banfield Headquarters To Leave Portland In 2015

April 3, 2014

Banfield Pet Hospital will move its corporate headquarters across the Columbia River and into Washington state in late 2015.

The relocation from Portland, Ore., to Vancouver, Wash., is designed to provide 50 percent more room for 600 employees, the company reported Wednesday.

The custom-built campus will rise on 20 acres and consist of 230,000 square feet of office space along Southeast Mill Plain Boulevard.

"After an extensive search that included properties on both sides of the river, we found that the Washington location best met our needs for the future," said Tony Ueber, Banfield's president and CEO. "We remain committed to the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan area and look forward to serving our community, people and pets from our new headquarters."

Banfield, which operates more than 850 hospitals across the United States and Puerto Rico, had its employees in mind when it explored moving no more than 10 miles from the northeast Portland headquarters.

"Banfield also considered factors such as length of commute for its associates, future growth needs, proximity to restaurants and entertainment, and the total cost of business," the company reported.

The chain isn't abandoning Oregon. Banfield operates more than 20 hospitals around the state.

While Washington does not tax personal income, the benefit will not apply to Banfield employees who live south of the Columbia River. They will still be subject to the Oregon income tax.

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