Cornell’s Farrier Conference Celebrates 30 Years

November 27, 2014

About 75 veterinarians and farriers attended the first day of the Cornell Farrier Conference at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine[1]. This year marked the 30th anniversary of the start of the conference, which ran Nov. 8-9.

Several lectures were presented during the conference, including “How Material Moves” and “Farrier Tool Use and Maintenance” by Roy Bloom of Drummond, Wis. Dave Farley of Coshocton, Ohio, and Wellington, Fla., also delivered two presentations, giving his insights on shoeing the sport horse.

In addition, the conference featured an exhibitor area for a variety of footcare manufacturers and suppliers. These included Delta Mustad Hoofcare Center, Farrier Product Distribution, Vettec, Soundhorse Technologies, Grand Circuit, Life Data Labs, Well Shod, Across the Anvil East, Montague Blacksmith Supply, BillThis and Stonewell Bodies.

Steve Kraus, head instructor of Cornell’s farrier school, gave a presentation showing the milestones and historic pictures over the 100 years of the farrier school’s history. Cornell is the oldest farrier school in the United States, according to the university.

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