Fabulous Feline Fling!

by Veterinary Practice News Editors | March 26, 2012 11:12 am

Close your eyes, and imagine this…well, you can’t read this if your eyes are closed, so have someone else read it to you with your eyes closed…but not if that person is a prankster, because something bad might happen to you while you’re closing your eyes…so use your best judgment.

So where were we? Ah yes, telling you what to imagine. I would have loved to get photos for you, and I did get a digital recording, but I’m not so sure they want this running on VPN’s website!

It was a few mornings ago. I walk into the kitty palace, the room in which my four cats nap and eat, and the first thing I notice when I open the door is green plant material on the floor. Now we have bunnies, too, so my first thought is hay. But no, I open the door a little more and find the large plastic sack that used to hold all of their catnip, but now most of it is spread out on the floor!

I open the door a little further, and see plastic trash bags askew in the room. Hmm, now they are usually stored in that “bench” over there, so how did they get that open? Then I spot the new, unopened bag of Hill’s cat food with a big hole chewed on the bottom! 

Now, I should have prefaced the description of this event with the fact that about two months ago, I switched all my big kitties to “light” food. Also, instead of free-feed, I give them three meals a day measured out neatly. So I imagine they went on a tirade, made worse by the munchies they probably got from the catnip!

Oh, and there were also cat toys strewn all across the room, the long ones that we reserve for play, only when a human is involved.

I was mystified, I must say. I was wondering how on earth they lifted the heavy top of that bench to get these goodies! It took my partner reminding me that the “bench” was really designed to camouflage a litter box, so there’s a hole in one side! The furniture and such that had been blocking the hole wasn’t tight anymore.

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When I asked each cat whose fault it was, I got no answers…except Mickey threw up, so I’m thinking maybe he at least partook of the goods. Needless to say, they were not hungry for breakfast that morning. In fact, Minnie and Mickey then took to rolling around on the floor full of catnip, so it’s hard to say. This is one night I wished I had camera recording of their room.

Makes me wonder, should catnip be considered a controlled drug?


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