Goldfish Gets Braces, Thanks to Veterinarian

Dr. Brian Palmeiro constructed the braces out of a credit card.

While dogs with braces might be strange enough, the concept takes on a whole other level when it’s applied to fish. That’s right: A pet goldfish was recently outfitted with braces. Brian Palmeiro, VMD Dipl. ACVD of Lehigh Valley Veterinary Dermatology in Allentown, Penn. told Action News that the goldfish, named Mr. Hot Wing, “was born without a lower jaw bone and his mouth couldn’t stay open, which made it hard to eat and breathe.”

Dr. Palmeiro performed the surgery on Mr. Hot Wing after researching the case and constructing the custom braces out of a credit card.

The surgery reportedly cost around $150.


Fish Braces!!?? Mr. Hot Wing came in today for trouble breathing and inability to eat. He was born without a lower jaw…

Posted by Lehigh Valley Veterinary Dermatology on Thursday, March 17, 2016

Have you ever seen a fish with braces before?

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