How do you beat hypothermia?

August 28, 2018




  1. What are the two “generic” ways to warm up a patient?
  2. Provide a few examples in each category from Question 1 to warm up a hypothermic patient under anesthesia.
  3. Describe a “surgical” way to warm up a cold patient.


  1. Passive (covers that prevent heat loss passively) and active (a heat source delivers heat to the patient).
  2. a. Cover any body part that doesn’t have to be exposed with a towel, a blanket, a wrap, socks etc.
    b. Add a warming blanket (electric, water-circulating or pulsed air), coil the IV line around a warm IV bag (which should never touch the skin), place warming devices around the patient, such as rice socks or IV bags (which should never touch the skin).
  3. Lavage the abdomen with warm, sterile saline during a laparotomy, then suction it out.

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