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Osteoarthritis staging tool for dogs unveiled

Osteoarthritis staging tool for dogs unveiled

A new standardized method for diagnosing joint disease in dogs is now available. Developed by nine clinical experts, the Canine Osteoarthritis Staging Tool aims to improve diagnosis and monitoring of dogs with osteoarthritis, and potentially guide disease-management plans.

Service animals eligible for free emergency care during shutdown

Service animals eligible for free emergency care during shutdown

All TSA and government service animals in need of emergency treatment can get it at no charge in more than 10 states, thanks to Compassion-First Pet Hospitals. Animal caregivers can simply bring the animal in need to one of its locations and present government ID.

Merck Animal Health, Alopexx develop pneumonia vaccine for foals

Merck Animal Health, Alopexx develop pneumonia vaccine for foals

The two companies have entered into an agreement to create and commercialize Alopexx's poly-N-acetyl glucosamine vaccine to treat Rhodococcus equi pneumonia. According to studies, the vaccine demonstrated 91 percent protective efficacy in foals born to immunized mares.

Data reveals highest cost drivers for cats and dogs

Data reveals highest cost drivers for cats and dogs

Pet insurance provider Trupanion says an analysis of its database of more than 640 million medical claims over the past 18 years shows the ingestion of foreign objects is among the top cost drivers of veterinary care for dogs and cats.

AVMA offers cold weather safety advice

AVMA offers cold weather safety advice

The American Veterinary Medical Association is advising veterinarians to remind pet owners to protect their animals from injuries caused by ice and deicers, including watching out for ice and icy crust on snow, which can cause cuts and abrasions to a dog's paws.

Service dogs good for psychosocial health

Service dogs good for psychosocial health

A study by Purdue University‚Äôs College of Veterinary Medicine suggests service dogs may have measurable effects on psychosocial health for those with physical disabilities or chronic conditions, including having higher levels of social and emotional function and performing better at work and/or school.