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Higher heartworm infections expected in South Central, Southeastern states
Higher heartworm infections expected in South Central, Southeastern states
According to Companion Animal Parasite Council, heartworm occurrence is expected to be higher than average this year. The areas of greatest concern are those along the Mississippi River from Northern Louisiana into Illinois.
New bill would allow California veterinarians to recommend cannabis
New bill would allow California veterinarians to recommend cannabis
SB 627 could repeal an original ban on veterinarians recommending cannabis to their clients and instead would allow them to discuss the use of and recommend medicinal cannabis or related products on an animal patient for any condition for which these products provide relief.
Informed pet owners more likely to give heartworm preventatives
Informed pet owners more likely to give heartworm preventatives
Pet owners who have regular and open discussions with their veterinarian are more likely to consistently give their animals preventatives. Not only that, but according to a new study by Ceva, those clients have fewer issues with cost and administering the product.
Only low levels of methylmercury found in dog study
Only low levels of methylmercury found in dog study
A UC, Davis study has found only low levels of methylmercury in commercial dog food in the majority of the tested brands. Three of the 24 types of dog food tested positive for low concentrations of total mercury, and only one contained detectable methylmercury.
IDEXX CEO launches wild cat foundation
IDEXX CEO launches wild cat foundation
Jonathan Ayers, and his wife, Helaine, have created a foundation to support the funding of global wild cat species conservation initiatives and organizations. The Ayers Wild Cat Conservation Trust focuses on 33 species of small cats, which receive only a small fraction of all wild cat conservation funding.
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