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Health problems of short-muzzled dogs widely unknown to owners
Health problems of short-muzzled dogs widely unknown to owners
Owners of brachycephalic breeds love their dogs, but remain largely ignorant to the unique health challenges these animals carry. Researchers say their popularity can be attributed to a combination of unawareness of these animals’ health concerns and a rationalization of their severity.
Alaris infusion pump recalled
Alaris infusion pump recalled
A manufacturing oversight has resulted in an FDA Class I recall of more than half a million Alaris infusion pumps across the U.S. The device delivers fluids, such as medications, blood, and blood products, into a patient’s body in controlled amounts.
Fear Free resource now complimentary
Fear Free resource now complimentary features articles, courses, and other board-certified veterinary behaviorist-created content, giving owners tools to prevent and reduce fear, anxiety, and stress for their pets at home.
Cats’ weight on the rise
Cats’ weight on the rise
You’re not imagining things. Chunky kitties are everywhere. A study out of Canada’s Ontario Veterinary College has found cats get heavier as they mature out the kitten phase, and continue to gain weight until they are, on average, eight years old.
Horse deaths linked to compounded EPM drugs
Horse deaths linked to compounded EPM drugs
An unapproved, compounded drug is believed to be linked to a recent string of horse deaths in the U.S. A lot tested by the FDA found it contained about 18 to 21 times the pyrimethamine indicated on the label.
Enter our first-ever meme contest
Enter our first-ever meme contest
Veterinary Practice News is now accepting entries for its inaugural meme contest. Share a laugh with colleagues across the country by submitting your best original content reflecting what it’s really like to work in the animal health industry.
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