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Third company issues pig ear recall over Salmonella
Third company issues pig ear recall over Salmonella
Dog Goods USA has issued a voluntary recall of some of its products, after the FDA found its Chef Toby brand pig ear treats are contaminated with Salmonella. This is the third pig ear recall this month.
ProHeart 12 = 1 year of protection
ProHeart 12 = 1 year of protection
Don’t let dosing schedules get in the way of delivering needed protection. Compliance is the key and ProHeart® 12 (moxidectin) is here to help.
Canine parvovirus treatment may be in the works
Canine parvovirus treatment may be in the works
KindredBio has released positive results from a pilot efficacy study of KIND-030, a chimeric, high-affinity monoclonal antibody targeting the canine parvovirus. The disease is the most significant contagious viral cause of enteritis in dogs, especially puppies.
Could Long-Lasting Flea & Tick Protection Enhance Pet Owner Adherence?
Could long-lasting flea & tick protection enhance pet owner adherence?
Find out if fewer doses can impact pet owners’ adherence to dosing recommendations.
Elanco acquires Bayer’s animal health division for $7.6 billion
Elanco acquires Bayer’s animal health division for $7.6 billion
A deal between two industry giants will result in the creation of the second-largest animal health company in the world. It doubles Elanco’s companion animal business, further diversifying its portfolio and creating a balance between its food animal and companion animal units.
Veterinary behaviorists question “scruffing”
Veterinary behaviorists question “scruffing”
You may want to rethink grabbing a cat by the scruff. Although many believe scruffing is an effective way of restraining and relaxing feline patients by mimicking how a mother cat transports her kittens, it generally causes fear and stress in adult cats rather than calm.
Moreno Valley, Calif., top heartworm city for August
Moreno Valley, Calif., top heartworm city for August
According to CAPC, Washington, D.C. and Newark, N.J. are number two and three on the list of cities for heartworms in August. Prevalence rates for the disease in the U.S. have steadily risen in the last five years and are up 20 percent from 2013 levels.
Enter our first-ever meme contest
Enter our first-ever meme contest
Veterinary Practice News is now accepting entries for its inaugural meme contest. Share a laugh with colleagues across the country by submitting your best original content reflecting what it’s really like to work in the animal health industry.
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