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Associations call for support, respect amid anti-racist protests
Associations call for support, respect amid anti‑racist protests
Industry groups are stressing the need for mutual support, consideration, and understanding, as anti-racist demonstrations rock cities in the U.S. and around the world.
Do you offer pet food delivery?
Do you offer pet food delivery?
Clients order online, we ship it, you get the sale. Stay connected to patients between appointments and build ongoing revenue with Hill’s to Home. Advertisement
Blue-green algae: What it is and why it’s so deadly
Blue-green algae: What it is and why it’s so deadly
Warmer weather brings with it the threat of blue-green algae blooms, which can be deadly to animals ingesting affected water from a lake or pond.
Tune into NextPod
Tune into NextPod
Don’t miss the library of podcasts on our sister site,, where each month we cover a new topic, including mentorship, mental health, and equality. Check out our talk with Lisa Greenhill of AAVMC on the DiVersity Matters initiative.
$11.3M grant strengthens attack against zoonotic disease
$11.3M grant strengthens attack against zoonotic disease
A team of Kansas State University veterinary researchers will work to advance the overall understanding of emerging and zoonotic infectious diseases to avert pandemics.
Bolstered mental health group shifts focus to COVID-19 stresses
Bolstered mental health group shifts focus to COVID-19 stresses
Maintaining well-being under the pressures of veterinary medicine is always difficult, but COVID-19 has definitely exacerbated the struggle.
Tell us about the heroes in your clinic
Tell us about the heroes in your clinic
Veterinary Practice News wants to salute these selfless individuals who have gone beyond the call of duty in these unprecedented times.
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