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Dog parks may be petri dish for parasites
Dog parks may be petri dish for parasites
A new study has found 90 percent of dog parks in the South
had at least one positive dog present at the time of collection,
which is higher than overall national results.
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Bright ideas in veterinary ophthalmology
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Bright ideas in veterinary ophthalmology
Descemet stripping endothelial keratoplasty is one of the latest techniques borrowed from human medicine to treat pets with endothelial disease.
Easing anxiety top-ranking task for PTSD service dogs
Easing anxiety top‑ranking task for PTSD service dogs
Dogs are a gift to us all, but especially to veterans who count on their canine companions to alert them to increased anxiety and provide physical contact.
$300K grant to protect Ariz. Tribe lands from deadly parasite
$300K grant to protect Ariz. Tribe lands from deadly parasite
Some areas of Tribe lands within Arizona are seeing a surge in cases of Rocky Mountain spotted fever that is more than 150 times higher than those of the national average.
New resource keeps COVID out of the workplace
New resource keeps COVID out of the workplace
COVID is running rampant across the country, intensifying the need to protect yourself and staff members by ensuring you’re doing all you can to stay safe.
“Golden oldies” could unlock secrets of canine cancer
“Golden oldies” could unlock secrets of canine cancer
Researchers are looking for healthy golden retrievers older than 12 years old to compare their DNA with that of dogs who died from cancer.
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