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Cat companionship can be therapeutic, too
Cat companionship can be therapeutic, too
Dogs aren’t the only ones with the golden touch when it comes to animal‑assisted therapy. Cats are just as capable
of being effective therapy partners.
Now Available From Zoetis: VETSCAN IMAGYST™
Now Available From Zoetis: VETSCAN IMAGYST™
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Exclusive: The muzzling of science and the veterinarian’s role
VPN Plus+ Exclusive
Exclusive: The muzzling of science and the veterinarian’s role
An anti-science sentiment among veterinary professionals is coming to light. Read Patty Khuly’s latest column on why the industry should play a more active role in advancing the cause of science, promoting public health, and supporting evidence-based policies whenever possible.
Genetic test resource helps breed healthier dogs
Genetic test resource helps breed healthier dogs
A new white paper offers a review of practical applications and limitations of existing canine genetic tests.
Staffing shortage threatens health of 75 million pets by 2030
Staffing shortage threatens health of 75 million pets
by 2030
Is a lack of trained professionals going to jeopardize pet health? The workload may just be too much to handle.
What kind of impostor are you?
What kind of impostor are you?
Impostor syndrome: It’s a well described psychological condition which, regardless of your skills and achievements, makes you feel incompetent. Do you have it?
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