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Preventative for deadly puppy disease may be imminent
Preventative for deadly puppy disease may be imminent
250K parvo cases a year might be avoided in the U.S., thanks to a monoclonal antibody that binds to portions of canine parvovirus and prevents it from entering cells.
Charting puppy growth can avoid plump pooches
Charting puppy growth can avoid plump pooches
A new tool for veterinarians to monitor healthy growth in dogs starting from puppyhood could help them keep a healthy weight throughout
their lives.
October Brain Teaser
October Brain Teaser
Think you know your stuff? See if you can get all three answers right in our latest Brain Teaser.
Euthanasia certification strengthens client-veterinary relationship
Euthanasia certification helps strengthen client‑veterinarian relationship
Veterinary professionals can now become accredited through AAHA for end-of-life care for companion animals.
Intermittent fasting could regulate feline eating habits
Intermittent fasting could regulate feline eating habits
Cats who eat once a day are more satisfied with their food intake, which suggests a reduction of feeding frequency could better control feline appetite and decrease obesity.
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