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“Postvention” can be central in suicide prevention
“Postvention” can be central in suicide prevention
The loss of a colleague to suicide can result in deep grief and mental health issues. Postvention can help veterinarians and others work through the pain, possibly saving even more lives.
Make Stablelab® a routine part of every equine exam
Make Stablelab® a routine part of every equine exam
Stablelab is a handheld diagnostic device that, in 10 minutes, can identify a possible infection in horses before they show any physical signs. Advertisement
Still no evidence of animal-to-human COVID transmission
Still no evidence of animal-to-human COVID transmission
Veterinary professionals are advised to preach kindness to owners whose animals have tested positive for the virus and discourage relinquishment of pets.
Conflicts of interest in narrative reviews can be especially problematic
Conflicts of interest in narrative reviews can be especially problematic
Potential sources of bias are one of many significant factors that must be integrated into the critical evaluation of research evidence.
Mass vaccinations, One Health bolsters fight against rabies
Mass vaccinations, One Health bolsters fight against rabies
There are an estimated 900 million dogs in the world, but 75 to 85 percent are not household pets, making it critical to vaccinate at least 70 percent of them in rabies-endemic areas.
Words of wisdom to use or lose
Words of wisdom to use or lose
Need a COVID pick-me-up? Here are 37 pieces of advice you might find helpful to get you through your day, week, month…
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