Hill’s offers travel grant to DVM students

May 1, 2019

OVC students taking part in the primary healthcare rotation.

Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) has partnered with Hill’s Pet Nutrition to offer fourth-year veterinary students the opportunity to apply for a $5000 travel grant through the Hill’s Scholar program.

Awarded to two students, the grant will allow them to travel to Hill’s Pet Nutrition Primary Healthcare Centre (PHC), located on OVC’s campus, and participate in a three-week primary health-care rotation alongside OVC students.

During this rotation, students will:

Applicants must be must be in good academic standing at a Canadian veterinary college (excluding OVC) or a Canadian citizen studying at an accredited veterinary college outside Canada.

Students must provide the following in their application:

To apply, submit the following documents to Joanne Hewson, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (large animal), associate dean, at ovc.dvmacademics@uoguelph.ca by May 13.

For more information, click here[2].

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