Veterinarian Performs Emergency Surgery After Dog Swallows Coat Hanger

February 23, 2016

You’ve probably seen your fair share of dogs that have swallowed foreign objects. Some are common, some are strange and some are featured in our annual "They Ate What?!" X-ray contest.[1] Then there are the dogs that swallow objects and end up needing emergency surgery.

For Indy, an emaciated dog who swallowed an 8-inch portion of a plastic coat hanger, that is exactly what happened.

Indy arrived at the Michigan Humane Society (MHS)[2] weighing only 11 pounds. Her bones were visible and, according to MHS, “you could see an obvious hard object sticking out from her stomach.” Michigan Humane Society veterinarian Amy Koppenhoefer, DVM, examined Indy, only to find that the coat hanger the young dog had swallowed was embedded in her stomach. A portion of the dog’s stomach also had to be removed.

Though the surgery was difficult, it was successful and Indy recovered at a foster home. She is now available for adoption.

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