Adventures in post-millennial veterinary record-keeping

Sharing six lessons learned

I could easily subtitle this article, “How low standards in veterinary record-keeping helped save my butt.” Here’s what happened:

See if you can remember way back to mid-March of 2020. The coronavirus crisis had reached its tipping point, and the word “pandemic” had just slipped into common usage. I don’t even think most of us were calling it COVID-19 yet. In fact, it was the very first week of whiplash, when everything changed from in-house care to curbside, and everyone was scrambling to adjust to upended operations. It was a barely controlled chaos at that point.

Enter Ms. Showbreeder, equal parts self-important, overbearing, and stingy—a total time suck of a client who hadn’t been fired only because her mental illness had garnered...


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