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VPN Plus+ Discount Eligible Courses

VetCE On Demand RACE
VetCE On Demand: Beyond De-Escalation - Connecting with Calmness 1.00/1.00
VetCE On Demand: Inside & Out - The Multi-Channel Communication 1.00/1.00
VetCE On Demand: Powerful Client Communication Through Social Media 1.00/1.00
VetCE On Demand: Needles and Nociception: How Acupuncture Helps Modulate Pain 1.00/1.00
VetCE On Demand: Don’t be a Pain! Analgesia for Emergency and Critical Care Patients 1.00/1.00
VetCE On Demand: The Physiology of Pain 1.00/1.00
VetCE On Demand: Ethical Criteria Indicating Euthanasia in Canine Aggression 1.00/1.00
VetCE on Demand: Euthanasia Reimagined – The Modern Approach 1.00/1.00
VetCE On Demand: Talking to Clients About the Most Important Appointment, the Euthanasia 1.00/1.00


Veterinary Medicine Courses RACE
Medical Records the Roadmap to Quality Care 10.00/10.00
Small Animal Advanced Anesthesia Part One 18.00/18.00
Small Animal Advanced Anesthesia Part Two 18.00/18.00
An Overview of Neurology in the Dog and Cat 18.00/18.00
Winding Down Pain in Companion Animals 12.00/12.00
Multi-Modal Pain Management for Companion Animals 18.00/18.00
Pharmacology Compounding 12.00/12.00
Small Animal Respiratory and Cardiovascular Radiology 18.00/18.00
Radiology of the Abdomen and Parenchymatous Organs 12.00/12.00


Veterinary Nursing Courses RACE
Mathematical Calculations 18.00/0.00
Implementing Puppy and Kitten Socialization Programs 12.00/0.00
Diseases and Disorders of Companion Animal Exotics 18.00/0.00
Polishing Up Your Dental Basics 18.00/0.00
Getting to the Root of Dental Problems 12.00/0.00
An Overview of Cancer in Small Animals 18.00/0.00
Fluid Therapy and Transfusion Medicine 12.00/0.00
Small Animal Anesthesia Patient Prep and Pharmacology 12.00/0.00
Small Animal Anesthesia From Perioperative to Recovery 18.00/0.00
Life Stage Anesthesia Considerations in Dogs and Cats 9.00/0.00
Inside the Surgical Suite 12.00/0.00
Small Animal Cardiovascular ECC 12.00/0.00
Small Animal Gastrointestinal, Urinary, and Reproductive ECC 12.00/0.00
Small Animal Neurology and Endocrinology ECC 12.00/0.00
Small Animal Respiratory ECC 12.00/0.00
Small Animal Hematology Part One 18.00/0.00
Small Animal Hematology Part Two 18.00/0.00
Urine Collection and Evaluation 18.00/0.00
Small Animal Internal Medicine Part One 18.00/0.00
Small Animal Internal Medicine Part Two 18.00/0.00
The Trail to Core Equine Skills 18.00/0.00
The Pharmaceutical Rx 12.00/0.00