How to build or buy a vet practice even when you don’t want to be a practice owner

Practice (ownership) makes perfect (sense)

The author's renovated lobby after she bought an existing practice. Courtesy of Patty Khuly.

The lobby before renovation. Courtesy of Patty Khuly.

In my last column, I promised to offer ideas on how to buy a veterinary practice when you’re the kind of person who never wanted to be a practice owner in the first place. In particular, I’m hoping this piece inspires those of you least interested in ownership with some off-the-beaten-path recommendations on how to make practice ownership work—even those of you who owe $200K-plus, and feel constitutionally ill-suited to ownership.

First, let me recap the many reasons why you might just want to rethink your assumptions about practice ownership—especially those that steered you away fr...


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