A primer on 19 common chicken diseases and treatments

A look at viruses, bacteria, ectoparasites, endoparasites, and other poultry ailments

Pet chickens, from left, 99, Fonzie, Hazel, and Cashew. Photo: Elizabeth Anderson Lopez
With poultry becoming popular backyard pets, you may have clients also ask you about their chickens, when they come in with their dog or cat. While clinics may not be seeing poultry as their patients, it is not a bad idea to be at least familiar with the basics of poultry medicine and be able to provide some guidance about chickens or other poultry. The term, “poultry,” refers to domestic fowl and includes not only chickens, but ducks, geese, turkey, guinea fowl, quail, and pigeon. Knowing how to perform a basic physical exam, take vitals, recognize signs in a sick bird, and cover some of the most common diseases in poultry is useful to the veterinarian...


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