COVID-19 e-book available

The online resource features critical information for combating COVID in practices

There is no doubt this is an unprecedented time filled with loss, frustration, and uncertainty in both our personal and professional lives, and specifically how veterinary medicine is being delivered.

Each day brings new questions: How is COVID 19 impacting veterinary practices? How can you continue to provide care safely? What strategies can you use to rebound from COVID 19?

The “COVID 19: Practicing veterinary medicine amidst a pandemic” e-book provides practical information that will address these and other issues, including:

  • Expert tips for dealing with the PPE shortage
  • Making the jump to virtual care
  • Must-know strategies to help your practice maneuver the new normal
  • Why cleaning isn’t the same as disinfecting
  • Key findings from our recent market impact research

To view the “COVID 19: Practicing veterinary medicine amidst a pandemic” e-book, click here.

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