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Canada has a thriving domestic animal population. As such, the number of veterinary professionals continues to grow to meet the demand for animal health care. This means there is also an increasing need for a publication to better serve veterinary practices in Canada. Veterinary Practice News Canada is designed to address this need… produced right here in Canada for the Canadian veterinary market.


Consider this:

  • Canada’s companion animal population has been growing 4 to 5% on average per year for the last several years, with a dog population of more than 7.6 million and a cat population of over 8.8 million;
  • Canadians spend more than $5 billion on their companion animals, and an additional $5 billion on veterinary services annually; and
  • 57% of households in Canada have one or more pets. Given there are 15.4 million households across the country, that is almost 900,000 households with at least one pet.



6500-plus copies of Veterinary Practice News Canada are distributed across Canada, most being read by multiple veterinarians per practice.


While we are in the process of growing our e-mail circulation, we can distribute your message to 3000-plus CASL-compliant subscribers.


Special opportunities

We have a number of marketing products and services to help you achieve your objectives:

  • Custom research
  • Printing services
  • Sponsored content (articles & columns)
  • Inserts/polybags
  • Custom e-blasts
  • Geo-targeted online marketing


[bottom headline] We have the experience, knowledge, and products to make your marketing initiatives succeed!

We encourage you to take a look at what Veterinary Practice News Canada has to offer. We are confident you will find it an ideal and affordable way to invest your marketing dollars in the growing pet health industry in Canada.


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