Laser Therapy Survey

We are compiling information on laser therapy usage across the industry, but we need your input to do it!

Please answer the following questions to help us gather this data. This brief survey should only take a few minutes to complete.

As our way of saying “Thank You”, you can enter a draw to win a $500 Amazon gift card! To enter the draw, complete the contact information form at the end of the survey. Individual responses will be keep strictly confidential*.

The survey will close Monday, April 5 at 11:59 p.m. EDT.

Thank you. We appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey.

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Multi-Radiance blind survey
Do you currently own or use a therapeutic laser device in your veterinary practice? *

How long have you used laser therapy in your practice? (Check 1 only) *
What kind of therapeutic laser do you currently own? (Check all that apply): *
When choosing a brand of therapeutic laser, what was the most important factor when making your purchase decision? (Check 1 only): *
What percentage of your patients receive laser therapy? *
How were you introduced to laser therapy? (Check all that apply) *
What would motivate you to upgrade or purchase an additional laser? (Check all that apply) *

What is the main reason why you do not use laser therapy in your practice? (Check 1 only): *
What is the most important factor in your purchase decision when it comes to introducing new services, modalities, or products in your practice? (Check 1 only): *
What other methods/modalities do you use to manage pain in your practice? (Check all that apply): *
Are you familiar with the following laser therapy companies/brands?

Cutting Edge *
Diowave Laser Systems *
Erchonia *
K-Laser *
LiteCure *
Multi Radiance *
Respond Systems *
Spectravet *
Summus *

How likely are you to purchase or upgrade a laser therapy device in the next 12 months? *
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